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Database Fun – Art Collection

I’ve posted quite a bit regarding my love for Excel and Pivot Tables, but I haven’t actually mentioned my other source for data-crunching fun – Microsoft Access. Occasionally, I’ll come across some data structure or method of viewing that can’t be accomplished using Excel (or can’t be accomplished well). That’s when I’ll jump into database design. One example of this

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Matching Men’s Coat and Pants

Alright, I admit that this is probably embarrassing and sad…I have difficulty making good fashionable choices. Especially when we start talking about branching out to different colors, matching clothes, and all that. Honestly, if I could get away with it, I’d just wear khaki shorts and a black t-shirt every day at home, and gray slacks with a light blue

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Cryptocurrency Exploration

Prior to this week, I honestly didn’t know too much about cryptocurrency. I knew the basics, mostly hearing or reading about Bitcoin. I knew there were other types, but had no clue how many. I’ve even got a “if only I would have” story about it; I considered buying some for fun around 2010-2011, but didn’t care enough about it

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