This site started as a forum to post some of my drawings, but as I started fooling around with it, I decided to expand it a bit. My background actually has nothing to do with art. Drawing is a hobby, and this is my second attempt at a website. I majored in Biology in college, and managed to score my M.S. in Biomedical Science. Professionally, most of my experience involves research, software development, and specialized analytic writing. I’ve spent the last 18 years in software R&D and as an analyst in the public sector.

Feel free to leave some feedback on any of these pages or posts, or you can contact me via the form below. I’ve also got a separate comment/chat-centered site at https://amdallcollaborate.wordpress.com/ if you’re interested in collaboration. Send me a message if we know each other, and I can add you as a user. And just for fun, I’ve got a website at https://amdallsoftware.wordpress.com/ for a company that doesn’t exist. If I ever finish learning Android Studio and Java, I may eventually create an Android app or game.

Thanks for visiting!




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