This site began as a place to share a few of my sketches, but as I fooled around with it, I decided to expand a bit to other areas of interest. My background actually has nothing to do with art. I studied undergraduate biology at UT Dallas, and got my M.S. in biomedical science at UNT Health Science Center. Professionally, most of my experience involves research, software development, and specialized analytic writing. I’ve spent the last two decades doing research and development for a software company and as an analyst in the public sector.

Feel free to leave some feedback on any of these pages or posts; that’s the best way to reach me, since I review and respond to every comment. I’ve removed the contact form that used to be on this page, but I have recently added a discussion forum to the top navigation menu. You can join the forum by using a WordPress account, or you should be able to post as a “guest” using an email address.

I’ve also got a separate comment site at https://amdallcollaborate.wordpress.com/ (if I find a use for it), and an experimental content sharing site at https://sharedposts.wordpress.com/. And just for fun, I’ve got a website at https://amdallsoftware.wordpress.com/ for a company that doesn’t exist. If I ever commit to learning more about Android Studio and Java, I may eventually create an Android app or game. Actually, since I’m talking about other links, here’s a list of sites I built. Some are for me, others I made for other people and turned over to them.

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