Why would someone want to donate to Amdall Gallery? Well, maybe you found my data crunching to be informative, or you really enjoyed some of the sketches. Perhaps you’ve found the forums useful, or you like the rss feeds. Or maybe you’re an eccentric billionaire who loves throwing money around and doesn’t know what else to spend it on. Whatever your reason, here’s a donate page.

You should be able to just scan the QR Code from your cryptocurrency wallet and pick an amount. Or you can manually type the Bitcoin address next to it. Since it’s so popular, I’ve also included an address for Ethereum if that’s how you roll. Plus I’ve got a Patreon and PayPal widget at the bottom.

bitcoin-icon-vector Jon’s Bitcoin Address:

ethereum-logo Ethereum Address:



You can support Amdall Gallery via Patreon as well:
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PayPal Donation

PayPal donations can be made here. No one has ever tried to send me money like this, but I have an active PayPal account linked up, so it probably works. I’ve set it up to accept $1 increments, and supposedly you could click the number and do multiples if you wanted.