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A More Traditional Final Fantasy Setting?

I thought this was pretty interesting commentary - the director/producer of Final Fantasy 14 (their MMO) mentioned that he wants the next Final Fantasy game (I guess that'd be XVI or 16) to be a more straight forward fantasy setting, rather than the more modern/technologically advanced settings they've had lately.


During Final Fantasy 14 FanFest not too long ago, it was revealed to attendees and those at home that FF15‘s Noctis and his Regalia would be joining the MMO’s world by way of a special crossover event. Keeping the latest numbered entry in the long-running role-playing game franchise in mind, Final Fantasy 14 director and producer Naoki Yoshida was asked at the Paris Fan Festival what he hopes to see in the next direct followup.

According to Yoshida, he wants the next Final Fantasy to contain more “straightforward fantasy” that would have less of a technological and industrialized influence in the world so as to make it “one that doesn’t have much machinery, and with no mecha in it.” The FF14 director then made a lighthearted statement on his wishes for the next numbered entry, saying, “After all, we’re having trouble with the Garlean Empire being too powerful. Ah, okay, that was a bad joke [laughs].”

Overall, I enjoyed Final Fantasy 15. It had some flaws, but was pretty fun to play for the most part. It was definitely a world of advanced technology though; I mean, the main characters drove around in a car throughout the game. I would definitely welcome a Final Fantasy game that went back to settings/worlds more similar to the first few games. I would prefer if they kept something close to Final Fantasy 15's combat though, which I prefer to turn based games. FF15's combat didn't reach Dragon's Dogmas lofty standards, but it was really enjoyable and satisfying.