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Ads Removed from the Site

Since most people use adblockers anyway, perhaps no one will even notice this...but, I removed all the advertisements from Amdall Gallery today. While reading over the last post on my phone, I received a pop-up ad. That is bad enough, but it was also highly invasive, auto-opening and taking over the full browser window. These ads that generate $2 per month aren't worth that damage to the user experience. I had already considered removing them anyway, but this was a final straw.

The ads here were served by WordAds (based on bids from Google Adsense, Amazon A9, Yahoo, and about 50 others). I've read such large entities often don't have tight control over specific, individual advertisements. And sometimes malicious code works its way into them. Didn't think it would happen here, but apparently I was wrong! Has anyone else out there experienced pop-ups while browsing this site? I sure hope not, because that is not acceptable for what I've wanted this website to be.

So, ads are wiped now! For those of you who don't block ads, please enjoy the slightly cleaner experience!