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Advertisements on Amdall Gallery

I've been thinking about the advertisements on this site quite a bit lately. The purpose of Amdall Gallery has morphed a bit over time. Overall though, it's mostly about sharing my love of data analysis and my (I hope) improvement over time as an amateur artist. I introduced ads partially because I enjoy experimenting with the website, but also to see if I could pay for a portion of the hosting costs through ad revenue. Well, after about a year of advertising...I've made about $30 total. So, I've been asking myself; is $2 and change worth having weird random images next to my sketches?

As of today, I've had images in three places; at the bottom of posts, end of the sidebar, and at the very bottom of the site. I've found the ads at the bottom of posts the most annoying, since they appear right next to artwork in many I got rid of them. I've still got the other two locations though. I figured it might be a good idea to kick this question to the audience (if anyone actually reads these forums). Here are some polls:

The first is a basic poll on how you experience them. Do you get irritating ads that clash with browsing the site? Or are you desensitized to web advertising completely? In all honesty, I use an ad-blocker most of the I expect many people do the same, and don't even realize I have ads here.

And overall, what rating would you give the ads on Amdall Gallery?


I still might completely trash them, but for now I'd just like to see if I can get any feedback on how they are now.

Since I'm not sure how many people actually regularly view these forums, I decided to write a full post on this topic. It's basically the same content, but the post is here:

It has the above polls, which should count votes from both places and pool them together. Hopefully, anyway