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Another Ghostbusters Movie?

I feel like rumours of a Ghostbusters 3 featuring the original cast have existed for decades...but, Dan Aykroyd says he's writing it now! At least, according to this article:

Unfortunately, Harold Ramis passed away a few years ago, so if they went through with this, we'd only have 3/4 of our main crew (sort of like my drawing, but with a Ramis/Hudson switch). Aykroyd references something I'd actually read before; that if Bill Murray joins the cast, his Peter Venkman might actually be a ghost in the movie. Interesting twist for sure; just Winston and Ray as living Ghostbusters, maybe with a couple of interns or something.

I know we did receive a sequel of sorts...well, more of a reboot. But, I actually never saw it. That's pretty shocking to my wife, since I love Ghostbusters so much. It didn't look great from the previews, and unfortunately the reviews didn't help that impression much. I've got it saved on our DVR, so I should probably check it out sometime. Maybe I'll be pleasantly surprised - it is Ghostbusters, after all.

Anyway, I'd be fully on board for a true sequel!

Well, well...looks like this true Ghostbusters seque is a go! This one is coming in the summer 2020, and will be directed by Jason Reitman (son of original director Ivan Reitman). Ivan Reitman is also apparently on board as producer. It even has a teaser trailer already!

According to a couple articles out there, the main protagonists will be a group of four teenagers, with a couple of them sharing personality traits with the original crew. I wonder if they'll be their kids or something? One of the articles I read mentions something about "Rust City" and the backdrop may be a smaller town. Also, the great Ernie Hudson (who played Winston Zeddemore) said that "everyone is in" for the sequel, which is huge. Dan Aykroyd has reportedly always been up for a sequel, but Bill Murray at various times hasn't been. So, if they can get Ray, Peter, and Winston to appear with the teenage leads, that would be really cool.

Granted, it's way early and we don't know much, but it sounds a bit like Ghostbusters with a little Stranger Things influence or something. Either way, this is extremely exciting news. I've mentioned before, the original Ghostbusters is probably my favorite movie of all time (or at least top 5), so I'll be rooting for this to be a home run. I hope they knock this 2020 Ghostbusters Rust City thing out of the ballpark, because I'd love to see them get rolling on a strong Ghostbusters franchise in the future.


More recent Ghostbusters sequel news - looks like Sigourney Weaver is on board! That's awesome, and she even hinted that perhaps the original cast is all on board.


Jason Reitman’s return to the Ghostbusters universe may not be as fresh a start as we thought. According to a new interview with Parade Magazine, series star Sigourney Weaver will be reprising her role as Dana Barrett, and may just bring some of the old crew with her.

Weaver’s interview with Parade appears to announce her involvement with the new 2020 film, but stops short of specifying who from the original cast—Bill Murray, Dan Aykroyd, Ernie Hudson, Annie Potts or Rick Moranis—might join her. “She’s also set to reunite with Bill Murray and Dan Aykroyd in the new Ghostbusters, due July 2020,” the piece states, before Weaver herself partially corroborates. “‘It’s going to be crazy working with the guys again!’. . . . She won’t reveal any details except to confirm she’s reprising her role as hauntee Dana Barrett.”