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Another Ghostbusters Movie?

I feel like rumours of a Ghostbusters 3 featuring the original cast have existed for decades...but, Dan Aykroyd says he's writing it now! At least, according to this article:

Unfortunately, Harold Ramis passed away a few years ago, so if they went through with this, we'd only have 3/4 of our main crew (sort of like my drawing, but with a Ramis/Hudson switch). Aykroyd references something I'd actually read before; that if Bill Murray joins the cast, his Peter Venkman might actually be a ghost in the movie. Interesting twist for sure; just Winston and Ray as living Ghostbusters, maybe with a couple of interns or something.

I know we did receive a sequel of sorts...well, more of a reboot. But, I actually never saw it. That's pretty shocking to my wife, since I love Ghostbusters so much. It didn't look great from the previews, and unfortunately the reviews didn't help that impression much. I've got it saved on our DVR, so I should probably check it out sometimes. Maybe I'll be pleasantly surprised - it is Ghostbusters, after all.

Anyway, I'd be fully on board for a true sequel!