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Coinbase Giving Away $10 in XLM

I think the cryptocurrency boom is pretty much over by now, but this is sort of cool. It looks like Coinbase (a currency purchase and exchange site based in the U.S.) is giving away $10 of a coin called Stellar Lumens: Link Here.

I'm only vaguely interested in cryptocurrency at this point, but the prospect of free is enticing. I'm leery of "the catch" for stuff like this, but it did work. I watched a couple of two minute videos, answered a couple questions, and about 10 minutes later there it was. Not too bad! Of course, in a couple months that $10 could be worth 50 cents....but who knows.

After thinking about this post a bit, it almost sounds like an ad for Coinbase. I originally wanted to share because it was a nice way to grab $10 in about 6-7 minutes of light effort. I guess I'll just say I have no specific affinity for Coinbase, and this should not be interpreted as any sort of endorsement. I do endorse free goodies though! My actual recommendation is to transfer your $10 of XLM to a secure wallet for which only you hold the private key. I'm just going to sit on my free Stellar Lumens, in case there's ever another crypto boom (as unlikely as that probably is).

It looks like they're doing another one of these cryptocurrency giveaways: Link to Coinbase.

This time it's something called EOS. I've never heard of it, but it's a free $10 just for answering five questions. So that's not too bad. As with the previous one for XLM, I'm just going to hold onto mine in case there's ever another crypto boom (which I have my doubts there will be). Also, you can let the coins sit in Coinbase if you'd like, but I still recommend transferring your $10 of EOS into a secure wallet that you hold the private key for.