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Dragon's Dogma...sequel please

It seems like I mention it in almost every forum post in the gaming section...but Dragon's Dogma is my favorite game of all time. Every action RPG (or even standard RPG) I play, I can't help but compare it to the greatness of Dragon's Dogma and its expansion Dark Arisen. I think I've actually put more hours into Skyrim, which is surely my most played game of all time, but Dogma's combat puts all Elder Scrolls games to shame. The system is very tight and well-crafted, and I think is rivaled only by From Software's games (especially the Dark Souls series). The bonus of a fun custom AI character (called a "pawn") that is borrowed (only a copy; you still keep him/her in your party) by other players puts it at the top in my opinion.

I only wish Capcom would come out with a sequel! They actually have a Japan-only MMO called Dragon's Dogma Online...that would be an acceptable consolation prize. But, unfortunately it will probably never come out in the U.S.

If you've never played Dragon's Dogma, let me link some excellent videos.

Here is the GREATNESS of the original theme song, which is shown with the release trailer:

Here's a solid gameplay/combat video:

And here's one of the original videos from 2012 that I watched over and over in anticipation of the game's release:


My biggest concern is that Capcom is going to abandon this property. They have a history of shelving relatively popular franchises, which makes that fear very real. Just look at Mega Man, Breath of Fire, Ghosts n Goblins, and others.

Dragon's Dogma was decently successful I think...a few million sold across all platforms if I remember correctly. I hope they give us at least one more true sequel. Honestly, if Capcom just reused all the same assets and slapped them into a larger game world packed with more monsters/enemies, I'd be fully satisfied.

So, I'm sure no one is reading this...but on the off chance someone stumbles onto this thread, and they haven't played Dragon's Dogma, I have to show this. Here's the original game trailer, fast forwarded to a moment that shows some combat. This is not a scripted fight or cut-scene! That is actual combat gameplay!

As I've mentioned, in my opinion Dragon's Dogma has the best battle system and combat gameplay in any game. Especially if you're talking about combat with a party of NPCs. It's incredibly fun, and you experience some really wild and memorable fights. The griffin hunt, for example, is an incredible thrill. I've yet to see a game replicate the sheer number of dynamically occurring cool moments (possibly excepting modded Elder Scrolls Skyrim...but that combat is not very good).

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I actually have a Google News feed dedicated just to this game, in case sequel news pops up. There's nothing solid, but a couple rumors have surfaced recently, so I figured I would share them...

Both rumors are intriguing, so let's parse these out. The first, that Capcom is looking to release two major games within the next year, could be good for Dragon's Dogma fans. I think it's pretty certain that Devil May Cry 5 is one of those two games. Capcom also just released a Monster Hunter game, so it shouldn't be in that series. The creator of Dragon's Dogma, Hideaki Itsuno, is also responsible for Devil May Cry...would he work on two games at once? Seems unlikely, but you never know.

The second rumor, that Capcom has an unnamed action/adventure game for E3 2018 is also interesting. According to the article, it's not coming to PS4 (only PC, Xbox, and Switch). Again, another Monster Hunter is unlikely this soon. And a core Capcom franchise like Devil May Cry or Resident Evil might fit the bill...but it's also (slightly) possible this could be a Dogma reference. E3 is at the beginning of June this year, so I guess we'll know more pretty soon!

I know I'm going bonkers with these embedded videos, but I've been working on some Dragon's Dogma drawings, and watched some youtube videos for inspiration. I guess some folks still talk about the game, because this was posted in 2018! It's a pretty funny video of a guy doing some one-shots of bosses and monsters.


Alright, I finished a pretty large post on the main's basically my tribute to this amazing game:

There's much more at the link, but here are some previews of the art:

Dragon's Dogma

Dragon's Dogma combat

Every once in a while, I do a sweep of Google searches for Dragon's Dogma 2 or Dragon's Dogma Online (U.S. release)...just to see if any news or rumors have escaped my notice. Well, I did my searches today, and found this from early December 2018:

Those eternal teasers over at Capcom are at it again, this time with producer Jun Takeuchi hinting at a project that "will make our fans think, 'wow, they’re making that?'" A surprising new game from Capcom, then? Sounds like it, but what could it possibly be?

The first thing that sprang to our mind was Dragon's Dogma 2 -- a project that's long been rumoured -- but then is a sequel to Dragon's Dogma really that surprising? We suppose that it depends on the context of the eventual announcement, among other factors.

Are they hinting at Dragon's Dogma 2? Or is the surprise some more obscure old Capcom franchise being resurrected? Obviously, I'm hoping for a Dogma sequel. Maybe 2019 will have some great gaming surprises in store!

Now this is some encouraging news! A pretty huge revelation that's given me legitimate hope for a Dragon's Dogma sequel:

Capcom's Hideaki Itsuno apparently considered making Dragon's Dogma 2  rather than Devil May Cry 5, as reported in a recent interview.

Itsuno, director of Dragon's Dogma and the Devil May Cry series going back to the third entry, is said to have approached Capcom founder Kenzo Tsujimoto when talk of Devil May Cry 5 first arose, according to an interview with VG24/7. "Look, I want to make either Devil May Cry 5 or Dragon’s Dogma 2 next. He said ‘okay, do whatever you want. Do whichever one you want.’ So I thought, alright, y’know what… let’s do DMC5. So we did that.”

It's no secret that Dragon's Dogma fans have been waiting for news of a sequel to the popular open world RPG for a while now. Even though it seems to have lost out to DMC 5 this time around, a sequel is clearly something that Itsuno has considered.

“Here we are—we’re now finishing up DMC5. But I had ideas for Dragon’s Dogma 2 at the time as well. So here we are, it’s the end of this project,” says Itsuno in two of the most teasing sentences I've possibly ever read. He does go on to say that he always has 'around four different titles in mind' but that there is a difference between the games he wants to make and the ones he should make.

Itsuno confirmed that he wanted to make DMC5 or Dragon's Dogma 2...DMC5 is done and about to be released. And he had free rein from Capcom to do whatever he wanted. So! Logic would suggest we know what's next! Definitely trying not to get too excited here, because even if he starts development right now it will likely take a couple years. But maybe 2020 or 2021 will have some really incredible things in store for Dragon's Dogma fans.

Not really huge news, but Dragon's Dogma came out for the Nintendo Switch a week or two ago. That's a bit unique because it's the first opportunity to play the game on a platform you can take with you. Hopefully, it does well for Nintendo and introduces more people to it that have never played elsewhere.