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Facebook Account is down

Well, it looks like the Amdall Gallery Facebook page has been disabled. It was sudden and came with no warning or explanation from Facebook. I don't need a handwritten note from Zuckerberg or anything, but some message as to why would be nice. I've looked over the terms of service, but can only guess as to what happened. It could be any of these things:

  • The page wasn't under my actual name - it was under "Amdall Gallery." That does violate their rules for some reason, so that could have done it.
  • I made a couple applications through Facebook's developer's portal. Facebook reviews apps if they ask for certain permissions, and I submitted one for review right before my account was disabled. In fact, when I hit "submit," the very next screen told me my account was disabled. This seems like a likely candidate due to the timing.
  • I've also logged onto the Amdall Gallery Facebook using some different machines and IP addresses this week, so that could be a red flag for them. Maybe they think the account was hacked?
  • It's possible someone reported me for something. I can't imagine who would, but I have had some new followers ("likes") lately...but that seems like a reach.
  • Almost all of my material is auto-posted to Facebook from Wordpress. Maybe there were too many shares, and they thought it was a bot? That also seems like a stretch, because I'm sure many people share content that way.
  • I don't have profanity, violent, or otherwise inappropriate content, so that couldn't be it.

Based on some Googling, it looks like Facebook uses automated systems for almost everything. My best guess is that something I did triggered their algorithms...I just wish they told you what that trigger/violation was. It does look like this happens to a hefty amount of people, based on results I got from searches. Facebook is such a strange company. Based on the unexplained account purges, and their extensive privacy violations, it really is amazing they are still dominating the social media game.

I submitted an appeal via their portal, so hopefully I get a response. It's pretty frustrating though, because my social media accounts were finally starting to gain some traction. It took a year to build up a meager amount of Facebook followers, and I'd hate to have to start over. But if I have to, I suppose I will...just because I don't want to miss out on SEO (Search Engine Optimization) through links and referrals.


Well, I went ahead and created a new Amdall Gallery Facebook page ( I still haven't received any communication from Facebook, or any response from my submission to their appeals portal. If they ban this one too, I think I'm done with them. Too much effort for what is ultimately a pretty small amount of referral traffic compared to others out there.

Probably not necessary to update this, but I'll do it anyway. Eventually, Facebook restored the old Amdall Gallery at one point, I had the new one with a couple months of posts and the old one with the previous year's stuff. And I never received any bit of communication from Facebook about it. Nothing, not even a generic email. The entire situation has been more than a little irritating.

Anyway, Facebook does have a merge duplicate profiles feature. It combines "likes" and follows, but doesn't really combine posts. So went forward with it...hopefully this doesn't ever happen again. The combined profile URL is: