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Granblue Fantasy Project

Here's another action RPG that I'm making note of here, mostly for future reference. Whereas Ashen was more of an atmospheric/somber, stamina-based combat, two person action RPG...this one is a faster-paced, four party action RPG. Granblue Fantasy Project also seems to be a bit more of a traditional fantasy RPG setting. Also, this one unfortunately doesn't seem to be confirmed for U.S. release (the video I linked below shows Japanese text in-game).

This one looks pretty enjoyable though. The combat in the second half of the video seems really fast paced and fun. Hopefully it comes to the U.S. on the PC.




Ha ha...I can't figure out for the life of me how to embed a YouTube video in this forum. It doesn't seem to work like normal pages in the website itself.

There we go! Now YouTube embeds work

Saw something pop up about this game on Google News, looks like the project might have been renamed to "Granblue Fantasy Relink." Also, apparently Platinum Games isn't working on it with another company jointly anymore; it's only being developed by a company called Cygames.


PlatinumGames is no longer working on Granblue Fantasy: Relink, the action role-playing game it had been co-developing with Cygames since 2016. According to a pair of statements from Platinum and Cygames, development on Granblue Fantasy: Relink is now fully in the hands of Cygames.

Granblue Fantasy: Relink is a spinoff of Cygames’ popular role-playing game Granblue Fantasy for mobile devices and web browsers. Relink will feature cooperative play for up to four players and PlatinumGames’ brand of character action-based combat, based on gameplay footage released last year. The game is bound for PlayStation 4.

“Going forward, Cygames will handle 100% of development internally,” Cygames said in a brief press statement. “Cygames would like to assure everyone looking forward to the title that we remain committed to delivering a game that meets the expectation of our fan-base and gamers everywhere.”

“While we, PlatinumGames, have been working with Cygames in co-development of the upcoming console game Granblue Fantasy: Relink, we officially announce our contract on the project has come to an end,” Platinum explained in its own similarly terse announcement. “Development will still continue, but be handled solely by Cygames’ internal development team.

Looks like it's probably a PS4 exclusive...maybe (hopefully) they'll port it to PC someday, because it looks like a fun action RPG.