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Hosting Giveaways

So, I just finished hosting my first giveaway (here's the start and the finish). I think it went pretty smoothly! Congrats to the winner by the way, Richard H. I learned a couple things, which I'm going to make note of here for future reference.

  • Gleam was my favorite hosting platform (
  • Rafflecopter was not bad, but the entry interface didn't look as slick to me (
  • I got a surprising amount of traction from  Their site looks a bit old school, but they seem to have a lot of users.
  • I also got some referral traffic from  It wasn't at the level of online-sweepstakes, but I think that's because reddit is so popular that things are pushed from the front page very quickly.
  • Wordpress Reader, as always, was a good source. I set tags like contest, giveaway, entry, subscriber, thanks, and winner.  If you aren't familiar with Wordpress tags, they help content appear in the Reader...but if you do too many (I think 14-15), your post won't appear at all.
  • I used five entry actions: 1) auto-entry, 2) visit Facebook, 3) follow on Twitter, 4) comment on post, and 5) bonus entry for all actions.

I'm pretty sure I'll do another one soon. This first one included a choice between $20 and artwork by me. I think most people entered for a quick shot at $20, so I'm going to try this with just custom art as the prize. I'm sure it'll gain less traction, but that's alright.

Okay, the new giveaway is live!

This is for just a custom portrait, no cash money this time.

You know, I had actually sort of forgotten about it, but the custom portrait giveaway is almost over! Only two days left to enter. So if you're lurking in these forums and you think it would be cool to have a custom/by-request drawing, go ahead and give it a shot (link is in the above post).

Also, in hindsight, I shouldn't make these contests so long. A month is overkill, judging by the fact that I sort of forgot about it. I think 2 weeks or so would be better.

We've got another custom portrait giveaway that's live now! You can find it easily on the main page, but here's a link:

This one is a bit different than the last. As I mentioned above, a month is too long...I even kind of forgot about it at one point. This one is for only 15 days, so hopefully that works alright. Also, I removed the "comment" entry option, and replaced it with "subscribe via email/wordpress" and "visit the store." And the bonus entry (which only requires 4 of 5 entry choices) can be done daily, which means if you really care about winning this, you can up your odds quite a bit over the length of the contest.

Good luck to anyone who enters!

That sure took a long time for me to get to it, but I did finally finish the portrait for the last winner. Here it is!