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Mike Patton to Sing National Anthem at Cowboys Rams Game

Well, this is cool! The greatest musician of the last couple of decades, Mike Patton (yes he sure is), is going to sing the national anthem before the Dallas Cowboys and St. Louis...errr...Los Angeles Rams game tomorrow.

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Mike Patton has been involved in a lot of crazy projects over his lifetime, ranging from fronting art-metal giants Faith No More and founding Mr. Bungle to working with a who's who of avant-garde music and on a whole slew of movie and video game scores. In a real coup for the multi-instrumentalist and man of a thousand voices, it has been announced that Patton will be singing the National Anthem at tomorrow's NFL Playoff game between the Los Angeles Rams and the Dallas Cowboys at the L.A. Memorial Coliseum.

It's an incredible surprise to see an outsider artist like Patton lined up to sing the anthem at such a major, mainstream event, and yet it's hard to deny Patton's range and ability as a singer, and we're sure that he will slay. No doubt, it's going to be a rendition of the anthem to remember — the game starts tomorrow, January 12th, at 8:15 EST/5:15 PST

This is very exciting! I'm a huge Cowboys fan, so I was already psyched about watching the game. But Patton is my favorite musician of all time. I hope they televise this, or there is some other way to watch/listen. Honestly, I might be looking forward to Patton's National Anthem as much as the actual game now. If I find a good link to it, I'll share it in this thread.

And if anyone is interested in seeing what Mike Patton is about, check this out. Just a small sampling of interviews and songs.

Dang...well, unfortunately Patton was sick and wasn't able to do the anthem. He is also missing (or has already missed?) a Chris Cornell tribute that he was scheduled to participate in. I was looking forward to both! Hopefully he feels better soon.

He wrote on Facebook, “Unfortunately Im not going to be able to make the Chris Cornell tribute concert Wednesday night. Best wishes to my friends Ben, Kim and Matt and to Chris’s family. It is going to be quite an evening. I also want to thank the Los Angeles Rams for the invitation to sing the national anthem last weekend. A bad week to not be feeling good.”