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Pillars of Eternity 2 Impressions

The sequel to one of the most unexpectedly great games of the last couple of years, Pillars of Eternity, came out this month. I've been playing it quite a bit lately, and thought I'd share how fun this game is. I'm not a huge "isometric RPG" guy (ex. Shadowind, Neverwinter Nights, etc), but for some reason the original Pillars of Eternity just grabbed me. It felt like an old school RPG with modern touches - you build a party, then dive into a dungeon. I loved customizing a group of adventurers and letting them duke it out with enemies. But, I didn't like micromanaging all the abilities. In fact, I ended up taking mostly passive skills as I leveled, and just letting my guys go.

Fortunately, Pillars of Eternity 2 fixes that for me! It has custom AI commands that are really robust, sort of on the level of gambits from Final Fantasy XII or AI tactics from the original Dragon Age. Now, I can set up how I want them to act, and let my team dive into things! I'm a bit disappointed they dropped the party size from six to five...but other than that it's a good time. I'm also not really a fan of the "ship combat" stuff - the theme is very piratey, which is fine. But the ship management mini game is sort of boring, and when I get into a ship battle I just charge forward until I can board their vessel and fight normally.

Anyway, the game is extremely fun. There's always a risk the sequel to a new property could be a letdown (Dragon Age fans know that feeling), but there's no let down here! Kudos to Obsidian Entertainment on a great game.

Here's a really great introduction to the game. The guy does have some issues with the game, but it's a strong overview:


Also, I should point out that because this is a very "old school" game, there is no controller support. As with the first one though, I've been playing POE2 with a Steam Controller. It works really well, and simulates the mouse and few keybinds you actually need perfectly.

I actually got back into this game again recently; the game is so fun, it just sucked me right back in. The original and this sequel are certainly some of my top games played on Steam in terms of total hours. I've been enjoying myself so much, I was inspired to sketch my characters. I wrote in more detail about it in a full post:

Check out the full post for the detailed write-up and discussion, but here are some screens (including my artwork):

Sadly, I still haven't beaten the many side quests, so little time...