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Steam Controller Discontinued

This is majorly sad news on the video game front. It looks like Valve has discontinued the amazing Steam Controller. If you aren't familiar, it's basically a very PC friendly controller geared towards keyboard and mouse style games. The button mapping is completely customizable to a degree I've never seen in another controller. You can even set up button combinations and modifiers, such as holding a trigger/bumper plus a face button, face button double taps, or button long presses.

Since I use a computer at work, and tend to do a fair amount of blogging at home already, I'm not really interested in playing games using a mouse and keyboard. For a long time, that meant I couldn't really mess with most strategy games or MMORPGs. But once I tried the Steam Controller, it made it possible for me to give games like World of Warcraft a try again.

From The Verge:

The Steam Autumn Sale has begun, allowing you to nab a copy of Resident Evil 2 for a mere $20 among other savings, but there’s one deal that stands out from the pack — a $5 farewell to Valve’s weirdly wonderful Steam Controller gamepad.

Yes, you can now buy the Steam Controller for just $5 plus shipping ($13 total for me), and Valve confirms that this is the last batch of these gamepads that will ever be made.

If you're interested in trying this amazing controller, you might want to hurry. The closeout sale is happening now on Steam. I bought one as a backup and immediately received a message that there could be a long delay due to an extremely high volume of orders. Hopefully, my order comes through, because not having a functional Steam Controller would pretty much eliminate my desire to play a decent segment of PC games.