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This forum is live!

Testing 1, 2, 3. The Amdall Gallery Forum is live!

Well, look at that - it's working

So, just going to bump this with what is probably an unnecessary explanation on the purpose of this forum.  I figured I would probably be the only person who would use the forums...and because of that, I wasn't sure if it would be redundant to posts on the front page. While the website has been rocking along for about a year and half, the forums have been live for about 10 months now. In that time, from my perspective the forum has actually evolved its own purpose.

Essentially, blog posts outside of the forums (front page material) consist of big write ups I want to share; discussions of my sketches, research projects, etc. If it's some original thing I've generated and want to share broadly to the Wordpress community and social media, it's going to be a front page blog post. But, if I want to share something that's a brief write-up, typically related to news or some interesting piece of information, that's going to be here in the forums.

In other words:

  • Original content (art and analysis) -> Blog
  • Shared materials from elsewhere (news, facts, info, etc.) -> Forums

I'm glad this forum has developed a purpose! I wasn't sure it actually would.