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The Dragon Age 4 Game We'll Never Get to Play

This is a bummer of a story, but interesting behind-the-scenes stuff at Bioware/EA. Here's the original article, which is a good read:

"Perhaps the saddest thing about Dragon Age 4’s cancellation in 2017 for members of the Dragon Age team was that this time, they thought they were getting it right. This time, they had a set of established tools. They had a feasible scope. They had ideas that excited the whole team. And they had leaders who said they were committed to avoiding the mistakes they’d made on Dragon Age: Inquisition. But Anthem was on fire, and BioWare needed everyone to grab a hose." - Jason Schreier's in-depth article on BioWare's struggles.

The game everyone at BioWare was excited about sounds, well, exciting. It was a slimmed down vision of what Dragon Age should be. Areas were smaller than in Inquisition. And there was more of a focus on player choice and actual roleplaying. The game was code-named Joplin.

“We were working towards something very cool, a hugely reactive game, smaller in scope than Dragon Age: Inquisition but much larger in player choice, followers, reactivity, and depth,” one source told Schreier. “I’m sad that game will never get made.”

According to Schreier's article, the cancelled Dragon Age 4 would cast players as spies in the Tevinter Imperium, "a wizard-ruled country on the north end of Dragon Age’s main continent, Thedas."

The game's focus would be on creating player choice and the consequences of those choices, with a reactive world that changed based on what players did. It would also focus less on fetch quests and be more contained overall than its predecessor.


Unfortunately, EA is pushing a "games as a service" model on all games, which basically means they want long term monetization rather than a single purchase. More like Fornite and other loot box games. Their Fornite-like game Anthem has not been a success, so now it sounds like they want another Anthem...but this time with dragons. Not my kind of game, so that is really sad to hear. The game they were trying to make sounds like it would have been incredible.