Art for Billionaires


A portrait drawn by Jon. Any subject you request – normally, I say “within reason” to give myself an out if I don’t want to draw whatever it is. But, if you’re actually paying this much money, I’m sure I’ll draw whatever you want. Best results are of people, done using Prismacolor soft lead pencils.

The image shown to the left is just an example. The item for sale is a custom portrait to be drawn…although you could buy this one of Captain Picard if you’d like.

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Are you a billionaire who has more money than you’ll ever know what to do with (hello Bill Gates, Warren Buffet, and so on)? Well, I’m here to help. If you want to throw some money at an artist, I’ll do a custom portrait for you, but charge a truly absurd commission for it. Of course, you’re welcome to just use the other “custom portrait” store item – I think it’s $100 right now. But, if you’re a billionaire, then $1 million is the same to you as $100 would be for someone worth $100,000. It’s all about perspective.

I’ll put your million to good use, too. Most of it will eventually funnel itself naturally in the direction of my kids, but I’m sure a portion will go towards enabling more time for art.


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