Go Mavs!

I just wanted to type out an official congratulations to the Dallas Mavericks.  They rocked the Miami Heat in the NBA Finals last night, and I couldn’t be happier about it!

This post-season for the Mavs seemed almost scripted like a movie, it was so full of amazing and almost poetic events.  First, some major adversity against the Trailblazers, with everyone thinking the Mavs were soft and weak-minded.  They triumphed, then shocked the world by sweeping the defending champion Lakers.  Then, the “next big thing” Thunder went down.  Finally, the superstar-filled Heat team that was supposed to dominate Dallas.  In every series, the Mavs were underdogs.  And in every match up, they triumphed convincingly.

I’m also taking this moment to brag a bit.  Before the playoffs started, I made a couple of bets with some co-workers.  I said the Mavericks would win it all, and some of the guys confidently expressed a desire to wager.  Even though the Mavs made it to the Finals, I was told by other folks there was no way they would beat the Heat. Well, they did. And I won some free Schlotzskys.

Also, I have to say…I strongly dislike the Heat. I already hated DWade and his team because of the Finals a few years ago. But, Lebron has also become I player I enjoy rooting against. So it was fun to watch my team win, and watch a team I view as the “bad guys” lose.

Congrats Mavs!


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