Pencil Drawings

These drawings were all done in pencil, photographed using a Samsung Galaxy S7, then somewhat straightened up and possibly cropped.  I still have most of the originals. I’m not certain about when they were all done, unfortunately I didn’t mark the backs with dates.  Generally though I think, when I was younger, my drawings were done with an unmeasured more scribbled style.

More recent works are significantly more structured, literally measured with a ruler. There are a few more recent drawings that I didn’t use a ruler for, and when those turn out decently, I’m most proud of them over the measured sketches. I try to approach realism as closely as I can with most of these.

I’ve included a slideshow at the top for some featured drawings, then at the end, I’ve dropped a large gallery of assorted drawings. Enjoy!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.



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