Random Art Posts

20 randomly selected posts about art from Amdall Gallery’s archives. These include normal graphite pencil or soft colored pencil drawings by Jon. Enjoy!

Drawing Friends, Another Yearly Comparison (7/22/2019) - I still feel that overall I am improving as an artist, which is nice to realize after two years of becoming re-involved in this hobby. As I've mentioned before, I took a (mostly) ten year break, so it makes me happy that I'm still at it and still learning. It's not a rapid improvement and I don't really experience any huge revelations. But I am seeing a gradual, incremental change in my portraits. I can feel a real difference in comfort and confidence certainly from where I was two years ago, but also even from just a year ago. In… Read More
The Fifth Element – Leeloo Dallas Multipass (5/25/2018) - Last week, I did a sketch from one of my favorite movies, the original Karate Kid. I like how the drawing turned out, but the best byproduct of it may be ideas for more art. I made a list of favorite movies (Ghostbusters, Caddyshack, about a dozen others), and decided to draw something from each one of them. I don't know if I'll ultimately get to all of them, but given how I'm always searching for subjects, I probably will in time. The first movie I decided to tackle is The Fifth Element. As with the others, this is a… Read More
Guitarist and Busker Mariusz Goli (9/3/2021) - Like a lot of people, my primary method for visual music consumption is YouTube. In the absence of an actual television channel dedicated to music videos (what a novel concept), it's definitely the go-to method for enjoying official music videos. But it's also a great venue for watching live music recordings and for independent artists in unique genres. One niche that I've always enjoyed the solo guitarist shared content, including virtuoso demonstrations and street performance (also called "busking"). I've got a few favorites that I watch every so often; Mariusz Goli, Tina S, Andre Antunes, and a few others. I… Read More
Hometown Series, Distinguished Gentlemen Chatting (3/4/2018) - Continuing on with my "hometown series" of sketches, here's part two. In the first drawing, I included a few of the guys I used to play football with. It feels like it wasn't very long ago, but we are closer to measuring that as a decade ago than just a handful of years! Part two features a couple of buddies from the hometown chatting about something sophisticated, if their clothes are any indication. As with the other posts, I won't include actual names, but the guy on the left also lives elsewhere in the country nowadays. You may recognize the… Read More
Comparing Art Video Time-Lapse Lengths and Styles (1/16/2023) - In this post, I want to take a step back and compare the different types of art videos I've shared on the YouTube channel. Basically, comparing art video time-lapse lengths and styles. I've really been making an effort over the last couple of months to get some varied content onto the channel. And one of the motivating questions at the heart of this effort is: What sort of art videos generate the most interest? A couple of months ago, I was looking at the videos I had uploaded to YouTube. Most of them were short time-lapses just set to music… Read More
Dak Prescott and Jason Witten Sketch (12/9/2017) - Despite the fact that the Dallas Cowboys have consistently rewarded fan loyalty over the past two decades with a hefty serving of mediocrity, I am a lifelong fan. I grew up watching the Cowboys, and because they were winning Super Bowls when I was young, I sort of thought that would keep happening. Well, I was clearly wrong about that...but maybe my children (grandchildren?) will get to see a Cowboys team win it all. Provided the NFL lasts that long, anyway (see: concussion statistics, over-saturated schedule, political battles, uneven/illogical discipline, and so on). Somewhat surprisingly, I've actually never drawn a… Read More
A Dark Tower Redo, One Year Comparison (2/23/2019) - At the start of 2018, I finished what has become one of my favorite fiction novel series; The Dark Tower by Stephen King. If you're not familiar, the story follows Roland the Gunslinger on his quest to fix a ruined world. He gains some great companions along the way, and has to make difficult choices that will affect his world and all the others connected to it. It's truly an epic tale, and in my opinion The Dark Tower compares very favorably to other lengthy fantasy classics like Lord of the Rings and A Song of Ice and Fire. The… Read More
Late to the Stranger Things Party (2/15/2020) - I've really been slacking on my usual pattern of art and website posts. In the last two or three months, I've only written a couple of things, which is definitely outside of the norm. Holiday travel is my usual excuse this time of year, but I've also had some other things consume my leisure time. One, which isn't the topic of this post, is a sandbox RPG-style video game called Kenshi. I hope to share a post on it (plus some artwork) at some point, but it's incredibly fun. Sort of like a mash-up of Age of Empires and Elder… Read More
Portrait of a New Nephew (1/10/2020) - This is sort of a belated part two for my last post about holiday portrait gifts. In that write-up, I discussed a colored pencil drawing I gave to my mom as part of her Christmas gift this year. There was a delay in sharing that one because I wanted to wait until after I gave it to her. I'm not sure if I mentioned it, but it's actually not the only gift portrait I was able to finish. Right before we left town, I finished a drawing of my sister's baby. That was just in time to slip it into… Read More
Youtuber Art Series, Marques Brownlee (MKBHD) (9/19/2020) - Although you probably wouldn't be able to tell based on how sporadically I've been posting, over the last few months I have wanted to focus a bit more on the Amdall Gallery YouTube channel. As you might expect from a hobbyist like myself, I've had mixed results. Although I have managed to share 11 videos in four months (not bad), I haven't uploaded anything in a month! Work and other of life's routines always eventually want their share of your time though, so that's just how it goes. As part of the broader focus on YouTube related stuff, I had… Read More
Fezzik and Inigo from the Princess Bride, A Warm-Up (4/17/2018) - Despite wanting to put pencil to paper, it's been a few weeks since I've drawn anything. I'ts been on my mind, but life/work has been busier than usual lately, so I haven't had much of a chance. In the interim, I was able to finish up a subscriber thank you post and one on website stats, but I was traveling and didn't have any art supplies with me. I really felt like I was on a roll in March, so I was worried I might have lost some of that progress. I wanted to get a sort of "warm up"… Read More
Ron Swanson, The Simpsons, and New Parents (1/11/2019) - My most recent drawing is sort of a random one. I guess most of them are, but this was a very spur-of-the-moment thing. I was watching TV and saw a commercial or something featuring Nick Offerman. It may have been something about a syndicated rerun of Parks and Recreation. Whatever it was, it got me thinking about how funny that show is, and how absolutely wrong I was about it from my first impressions. Parks and Recreation is basically a show about an Indiana public works department and its second-in-charge bureaucrat, the energetic and optimistic Leslie Knope. Just from seeing… Read More
‘Pencils and Process’ Book is Out Now (4/5/2019) - It feels weird to say this, but I finished writing a book...and it's actually published and available now! The book is called Pencils and Process, and it's available via Amazon and Barnes and Noble. It may be coming to some other retailers like Books-a-Million too, but I'm not sure when. For the non-Amazon angle, I'm using Ingram as my distributor and there are lots of possibilities with their network. The eBook version is only on Amazon right now, but paperback and hardcover are everywhere it's sold. Here are some links to where I've confirmed it's available now: Barnes and Noble… Read More
Self Portrait, Shadow and Contrast Struggles (12/22/2018) - I came across a really interesting article a few days ago called How to Be an Artist - 33 Rules to Take you from Clueless Amateur to Generational Talent (or at Least Help you Live Life a Little More Creatively). It's a crazy long title, but basically the article has some detailed practical advice for artists from an art critic named Jerry Saltz. As I've written before, I'm no doubt an amateur hobbyist still trying to learn. Because of that, I may not have enough experience to relate to everything in the article. But some of the advice is seems… Read More
Practicing Scenery Through Video Game Art (1/9/2021) - If you've followed this blog for long, you may have read me roasting myself about various art-related weaknesses. Every artist, amateur and professional alike, has certain things that come easier and others that just don't click. I'm not trying to beat myself up - it's just part of life! And I believe that discussing art-related challenges can be a productive thing to help work through and figure out how to improve. In my opinion, my "wheelhouse" is drawing head and shoulder portraits. I'm not an expert or anything, but that is what seems to come easiest to me. There are… Read More
Portrait of Comedian Eric Andre (11/4/2022) - This post continues the discussion of a wild painting weekend I had in October, during which I somehow churned through five paintings. As I've mentioned, this is not at all something I set out to do specifically; I just finished one, found I wanted to paint more, so I kept rolling. The subject of this painting is Eric Andre, a comedian who has created some of the strangest and most surreal skits/sketches I've seen on television. This was the third painting I completed that weekend, which immediately followed my early Saturday morning Bob Ross-style landscape. If you aren't familiar with… Read More
Back in Time Part 2 – College Study Aids (1/24/2018) - In part two of this series on art time traveling, I'm going to look at some study materials I put together. Although, I can't remember if I made these for college or graduate school. It really could have been either; I was a Biology major as an undergraduate, and my Master's was in Biomedical Science. I took a bunch of classes in each program related to anatomy and physiology, but I feel like this was more likely for grad school because it was more intensive. Basically, my goal was to sketch anatomy textbook figures in a way that allowed me… Read More
New Kids Book ‘Robot Family Adventures’ (4/5/2020) - Apparently, the beginning of April is book publishing time! Last year, I released a book called Pencils and Process. That one took months to write, and was a 150ish page personal account of my experiences returning to art after having been away from it for a decade. This year, my April book release is a kids book called Robot Family Adventures: Moving to a New Home. Right now, it's only available on Amazon (ebook and paperback) because it's the easiest and least expensive path available. I also want to get a hardcover distributed to other retailers like Barnes and Noble… Read More
Stargate SG-1 and Original Movie Discussion (1/16/2022) - A couple of weeks ago, I wrote a bit on some of my recent viewing habits. Over the last year or so, I've been watching a lot of the free content on Roku TV, especially the Bob Ross Joy of Painting and Mystery Science Theater 3000 channels and some of the other movie offerings. Along with the Roku-related viewing, I have also somewhat recently returned to a long-time favorite of mine - the sci-fi series Stargate SG-1. That's actually quite a lot of television watching relative to my usual habits, but it's been a while since I've been interested in… Read More
Poseable Drawing Figure Research and Testing (10/9/2019) - I am often thrown for a loop about the passage of time. I've written in many posts here about such and such amount of time flying by since drawing something, and how it never feels like so long ago. I've had a similar feeling when I started writing this one. Although it seems like only a couple weeks ago, it was actually back in August when I first started thinking about drawing figures/models. Primarily, that write-up was about some cool Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles figures. But I mentioned a couple times how I stumbled upon an ad in my Instagram… Read More