Random Art Posts

20 randomly selected posts about art from Amdall Gallery’s archives. These include normal graphite pencil or soft colored pencil drawings by Jon. Enjoy!

Late to the Stranger Things Party (2/15/2020) - I've really been slacking on my usual pattern of art and website posts. In the last two or three months, I've only written a couple of things, which is definitely outside of the norm. Holiday travel is my usual excuse this time of year, but I've also had some other things consume my leisure time. One, which isn't the topic of this post, is a sandbox RPG-style video game called Kenshi. I hope to share a post on it (plus some artwork) at some point, but it's incredibly fun. Sort of like a mash-up of Age of Empires and Elder… Read More
Crowded Restaurant Drawing (3/24/2020) - It's only been about a week and a half or so of social distancing/self-quarantine where we live, but somehow it feels a lot longer. Not that we should be complaining though; we've got shelter, food, and the apparently highly valuable commodity known as toilet paper. We are also fortunate enough to live in a time where technology can bridge some of the social, educational, and entertainment gaps. Still though, in normal situations, work, family, and hobbies keep me from experiencing boredom for the most part. I think we've done a pretty decent job so far of battling against boredom. My… Read More
Video Game Museum Scenes (10/19/2019) - A few months ago, during one of our periodic Texas visits, the family and I got a chance to check out the National Videogame Museum in Frisco. As I'm sure is obvious by my multiple posts about games, I am generally a big fan of them. In fact, my love for video games goes back to my childhood when my family purchased a NES and we had our first experiences with Super Mario Bros. and Duck Hunt. I tend to gravitate more towards swords-and-sorcery genre RPGs, but I've enjoyed a wide selection of platformers, sports games, and strategy games. For… Read More
Second Healthcare Worker Drawing (10/11/2020) - Way back in April (which feels like it was years ago now somehow), there was a healthcare worker "portraits for heroes" thing going around on social media. The gist of it was, as a small way to show appreciation for people on the front lines as COVID-19 raged, artists were doing free portraits. Although I don't have a large social media presence, I offered up my services as well to any nurses, doctors, or other essential workers. I got one request right off the bat from a nurse in the United Kingdom. Some time later, I ended up getting another… Read More
Long Term Goals and Sketch Impulsivity (2/6/2019) - At the end of my last post, I mentioned off-hand a few ideas for what I might draw next. I talked about finishing a Dallas Cowboys drawing of Dak Prescott and Ezekiel Elliot (which I lost interest in when they were bounced from the playoffs by the Rams). I also tossed around the idea of another Dallas Mavericks sketch, since they just had a huge franchise-altering trade. Or some focused practice on scenery or mouths/teeth (both areas of weakness for me). Over the weekend, another idea hit me from out of nowhere - I should work on something featuring my… Read More
A New Type of Subject – My Sister’s Cat (5/17/2018) - When we were visiting family Mother's Day weekend, I was talking to my sister about something related to drawing. I asked her if there was anything she was interested in, and she mentioned her cat Biscuit. She probably wasn't entirely joking (like with what happened in my Lord of the Rings sketch), but I don't know if it was exactly a formal request or anything like that. But...as we've seen before, I am always hungry for more art ideas, so anything that even sounds like a request becomes a real one! Biscuit the Cat is a really cool fellow. My… Read More
Tiny Art Show Opening at the River Oaks Arts Center (11/18/2017) - Way back in September, someone told me about an art show in Alexandria, Louisiana that featured only "tiny art." All entries for this show had to had to by 5" x 5" x 5" or smaller. It sounded interesting, and I had just gotten back into drawing; I figured I may as well enter something. Tiny art is definitely a unique challenge, and I discussed my experience drawing and going through the "call for entry" process in previous write-ups. Fast forward a bit, and I ended up getting one of my entries accepted for the show! Friday evening was the opening… Read More
Serious-Minded Baby Achieving Maximum Cheesiness (11/17/2017) - I've said this before - I have difficulty drawing small babies. This may not be surprising, but I have a long-winded theory as to why. I think most babies look very similar, but parents have some sort of innate biological drive to recognize their infants even with the slightest differences. As a parent, even when my kids were newborns, they seemed very unique looking to me. But, probably to most people, they looked essentially like generic crying infants. Trying to draw an infant busts through all that; you really have to nail the nuanced facial features that make a certain… Read More
Guitarist and Busker Mariusz Goli (9/3/2021) - Like a lot of people, my primary method for visual music consumption is YouTube. In the absence of an actual television channel dedicated to music videos (what a novel concept), it's definitely the go-to method for enjoying official music videos. But it's also a great venue for watching live music recordings and for independent artists in unique genres. One niche that I've always enjoyed the solo guitarist shared content, including virtuoso demonstrations and street performance (also called "busking"). I've got a few favorites that I watch every so often; Mariusz Goli, Tina S, Andre Antunes, and a few others. I… Read More
Video Game Sketch Inspired by Kenshi (3/22/2020) - This write-up is going to be about a post-apocalyptic sandbox style video game called Kenshi. But it's also going to be about sharing art that you're not entirely satisfied with; when it doesn't turn into what you imagined. This post, and the game Kenshi itself, actually remind me a lot of what I wrote about Pillars of Eternity in 2019 and to a lesser extent Dragons Dogma in 2018. Art inspired by games, in my experience, often ends up being harder than I initially expect. I think it's because usually a piece requiring some artistic imagination is challenging for me.… Read More
Current Shading Process, Portrait Flow (3/24/2018) - As I scroll through Amdall Gallery's main page, I can't help but notice how my drawings have changed. Not everyone may agree, but I believe there has been an improvement over time. From August 2017 until now, after about seven months of practice, these sketches seem more confident to me. Especially when it comes to color; skin tones seem more realistic than they did early on, and I'm laying down color in thicker/more complete layers. There's still tons of critiques I have (weak ability to draw straight lines, laziness on backgrounds, unimaginative creation, etc.), but I'm glad to see progress.… Read More
A Dark Tower Redo, One Year Comparison (2/23/2019) - At the start of 2018, I finished what has become one of my favorite fiction novel series; The Dark Tower by Stephen King. If you're not familiar, the story follows Roland the Gunslinger on his quest to fix a ruined world. He gains some great companions along the way, and has to make difficult choices that will affect his world and all the others connected to it. It's truly an epic tale, and in my opinion The Dark Tower compares very favorably to other lengthy fantasy classics like Lord of the Rings and A Song of Ice and Fire. The… Read More
Another Sketch with my Oldest, Alternate Title “Tired Dad” (11/15/2017) - Well, I'm sure it seems like the prevailing theme for all these drawings, but here's another a did of me with my oldest kiddo. I actually started this one in the same session as the last one I did (her dancing, me flailing about), and I finally finished it yesterday. I think I finished the dancing sketch first because I was more satisfied with how it was going. This one didn't turn out exactly how I intended. Here's the final product: So, I was aiming for this big kid to look like she's stifling a laugh, probably laughing at me.… Read More
Drawing from Unsplash Photos (5/10/2019) - My free time has been pretty well monopolized recently, first with writing a book, and then with figuring out the ins-and-outs of independent publishing. Now that the book is out and that's mostly off my plate, I hope to have a little more time for drawing. Because I have been somewhat less active on the artwork front, I've accumulated a larger than usual backlog of ideas. That's sort of a nice feeling since I'm so often unsure what to draw next. Of my inspirational backlog, I've actually got two drawings that I started but never finished. I did an outline… Read More
New Home, New Desk, New Art (3/20/2021) - Well, it took quite a bit longer than I anticipated, but it seems things are finally settling down for me and my family. Last year, we started the ball rolling on a move from Louisiana to Texas. We made the move last summer, but the pandemic and an unexpectedly insane housing market made our transition to a permanent home take months more than we thought it would. But we did finally find a place (it was our sixth offer I think), and we've had a chance to settle in a bit. We're mostly unpacked and, after about a month, it's… Read More
Proposal Drawing (9/5/2017) - Now that I've got my mind on drawing again (here's my first drawing in years), I realized there is something that I haven't uploaded to this site anywhere. It's from way back in 2011, but it's a meaningful one to me. This is sort of corny, but I'll tell the story anyway. When I proposed to my wife, I used a picture I drew of her smiling and wearing a ring. The proposal happened on a normal weekend; I think we had just gotten back to our apartment from eating lunch or something. I had my plan ready to go.… Read More
Sketch of the Entire Family, No Planning (11/4/2017) - Last night, after putting the kids to bed, I was smacked with an urge to try to draw my entire family. I've drawn my wife and I together, and I've drawn our girls a couple of times, but I haven't done a sketch with all four of us as a group. Usually for something like this, I'd draw a grid to help me with proportions, but this time I wanted to dive right in. I really wasn't sure how that would work out, because it's outside my normal process. As I started, I thought about all the great advice I've… Read More
A Masterpiece from My Oldest Daughter (5/9/2018) - Naturally, this site is primarily focused on things that I've drawn. That makes sense, it's right there in the name; Amdall (me) Gallery (a collection of art). But, my three year old daughter drew something a couple days ago which I thought was really good for her age. I figured, hey she's an Amdall too, so technically this fits into the site's purpose! Our oldest is headed to preschool in the fall, and we've been on a wait list to get her into a Montessori school. She got off the wait list this week, so we all went to meet… Read More
Back in Time Part 1 – High School Sketches (1/23/2018) - I was doing a little website housecleaning, and saw I had uploaded a bunch of old sketches but never made posts about them. They mostly consisted of sketches from when I was in high school and my late teens, before I took a 15 year break (wow, sounds bad when I say it like that) from drawing. The photo image quality on these old sketches was terrible; these were mostly taken ages ago, probably with an ancient iPhone of some sort. I decided to salvage what I could through sharpening and lighting edits, and re-shoot anything that needed it. Then… Read More
Working Through a Misfire by way of the Backlog (11/8/2019) - I wrote a couple of months ago about an art show called the River Oaks 5x5x5, which I often refer to as the "tiny art" show. It's one that I entered two years ago and surprisingly had a sketch accepted for the exhibit. That was really early in my return to art, and the quality of what I was doing really wasn't very high. I had a lot to learn (and re-learn), so it was certainly unexpected to be selected. Although I missed last year's competition, essentially because I forgot about it and missed the deadline, I planned ahead this… Read More