Random Art Posts

20 randomly selected posts about art from Amdall Gallery’s archives. These include normal graphite pencil or soft colored pencil drawings by Jon. Enjoy!

Planning for a Dark Tower Drawing (10/8/2017) - Lately, I've been really into the Dark Tower series by Stephen King. I've always been a big Stephen King fan, and I enjoy fantasy novels, so it's actually really strange that it's taken me so long to start the series. I'm currently on book 4, Wizard and Glass; so I'm right at the half-way point (please, no later-book spoilers in the comments). Actually, speaking of spoilers, there may be some light spoilers in this post from books 1-4; if you haven't read up to Wizard and Glass, and want to be completely spoiler free, you may want to stop reading.… Read More
‘Pencils and Process’ Book is Out Now (4/5/2019) - It feels weird to say this, but I finished writing a book...and it's actually published and available now! The book is called Pencils and Process, and it's available via Amazon and Barnes and Noble. It may be coming to some other retailers like Books-a-Million too, but I'm not sure when. For the non-Amazon angle, I'm using Ingram as my distributor and there are lots of possibilities with their network. The eBook version is only on Amazon right now, but paperback and hardcover are everywhere it's sold. Here are some links to where I've confirmed it's available now: Barnes and Noble… Read More
New Home, New Desk, New Art (3/20/2021) - Well, it took quite a bit longer than I anticipated, but it seems things are finally settling down for me and my family. Last year, we started the ball rolling on a move from Louisiana to Texas. We made the move last summer, but the pandemic and an unexpectedly insane housing market made our transition to a permanent home take months more than we thought it would. But we did finally find a place (it was our sixth offer I think), and we've had a chance to settle in a bit. We're mostly unpacked and, after about a month, it's… Read More
Updating a Wedding Present Portrait (11/1/2019) - Lately, I've been in a bit of an art re-visitation phase. I have been back into the drawing hobby for over two years at this point, which doesn't seem like a tremendous amount of time on its face, but feels significant to me. The style of artwork and techniques used have changed a lot, and in my view, continue to improve. I think it's natural to look back at the road you traveled sometimes, and I've been doing that with some of this stuff. I don't have much formal training when it comes to art; mostly just some high school… Read More
Back in Time Part 2 – College Study Aids (1/24/2018) - In part two of this series on art time traveling, I'm going to look at some study materials I put together. Although, I can't remember if I made these for college or graduate school. It really could have been either; I was a Biology major as an undergraduate, and my Master's was in Biomedical Science. I took a bunch of classes in each program related to anatomy and physiology, but I feel like this was more likely for grad school because it was more intensive. Basically, my goal was to sketch anatomy textbook figures in a way that allowed me… Read More
Book Status, January Giveaway Portrait (3/28/2019) - Although it doesn't feel quite so long, it's been over a month since I've written a post. I have actually been furiously writing away elsewhere though - as I mentioned last month, I am writing a book. It's primarily about my experiences getting back into art after being away from it for over a decade. My hope is that the tips and techniques I have learned over the last year or two might help another amateur artist. In other words, pay forward the last two years' trial and error (and advice from other WordPress folks). I'm still not entirely sure… Read More
Portrait from the August Giveaway (9/29/2018) - I haven't been drawing much lately, which is pretty apparent looking at the site's front page. It's kind of an odd coincidence, but right around the one year anniversary of getting back into this website, my inspiration to draw started fading. I'm really not sure why...did I burn myself out? Do I need a new challenge, like trying a new medium? Whatever the reason, that spark to put pencil to paper has faded from when I was churning out several sketches a month. I've been wondering if the big issue is that I'm simply out of ideas. Thinking of subjects… Read More
Well, I’m no Albert Einstein (11/7/2018) - This week, I worked on a sketch of legendary hair model Albert Einstein (I hear he also dabbled in some science-related stuff). As I was sketching him, I kept thinking about the phrase "He's no Albert Einstein, but..." The idea of being so universally recognized in society for a specific thing is pretty amazing; you say Einstein, I immediately know you mean "smart." That seems like the pinnacle of notoriety, where you're so well-known that your identity is embedded into the language. I wonder if people 100 years from now will still consider Einstein so identifiable. Probably so, but what… Read More
Digital Drawing is Really Hard (6/3/2018) - I am generally very interested in tech-related things, and love to waste money on gadgets. I am the type of person who will have a wild idea based on something I read, get really into it for a little while, then abandon it forever after a few weeks. A great example is when I briefly got into messing with Raspberry Pi and made a Recalbox. I built the thing, played some games with it for about a week, then haven't touched it since. Along those lines, I've had in my mind for months now that I wanted to try digital… Read More
Database Fun – Art Collection (8/20/2017) - I've posted quite a bit regarding my love for Excel and Pivot Tables, but I haven't actually mentioned my other source for data-crunching fun - Microsoft Access. Occasionally, I'll come across some data structure or method of viewing that can't be accomplished using Excel (or can't be accomplished well). That's when I'll jump into database design. One example of this has to do with art archiving and searching. I wanted to see if there was a better way to make my drawings easier to browse and index, with image previews and other information. Here's the end result: The primary search… Read More
Another Sketch with my Oldest, Alternate Title “Tired Dad” (11/15/2017) - Well, I'm sure it seems like the prevailing theme for all these drawings, but here's another a did of me with my oldest kiddo. I actually started this one in the same session as the last one I did (her dancing, me flailing about), and I finally finished it yesterday. I think I finished the dancing sketch first because I was more satisfied with how it was going. This one didn't turn out exactly how I intended. Here's the final product: So, I was aiming for this big kid to look like she's stifling a laugh, probably laughing at me.… Read More
Welcome to Flavortown (4/27/2019) - Is it Flavor Town or Flavortown? I'm actually not sure. Unfortunately, I don't know Guy Fieri, so I can't ask the Mayor of Flavortown about the preferred spelling. Regardless, this is a post about my favorite wild-haired, sandwich-tasting chef on television. For the most part, people know Guy Fieri from one of his shows on the Food Network; the one I occasionally watch is Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives. If you haven't seen it, basically Guy travels around the country sampling different town's cult-favorite restaurants. The show has actually been on the air for so long (29 seasons over 12 years),… Read More
Pandemic Social Distancing Artwork (3/19/2020) - Writing about artwork during a global pandemic really isn't something I expected to be doing at all. Yet here we are in an escalating health and financial crisis and I'll probably be sharing some art over the next few weeks. I have lots of thoughts on this situation, but I'll try to keep them somewhat organized. My wife and I are fortunate enough be able to telework for the most part, so we find ourselves mostly self-quarantined and practicing social distancing to "flatten the curve." If you're not familiar with the term, basically the idea is to slow and spread… Read More
More Stranger Things Artwork (3/4/2020) - A couple weeks ago, I shared some ramblings about my late discovery of Stranger Things, and how it turns out everyone was right about how much I would love it. I managed to keep that post mostly spoiler free, but I've decided in this second post to abandon that plan. From the start, I wanted to do a couple of Stranger Things related sketches. I finished the second one a few days ago, this one featuring Chief Hopper and Joyce Byers. Considering the spoiler megaton bomb that dropped in the form of a Stranger Things trailer just before my last… Read More
Jason Witten’s Retirement – The Secret is in the Dirt (5/5/2018) - "The secret is in the dirt." - Ben Hogan, responding to questions about the secret to his golf swing. He was well-known for his striking ability and for practicing more than his contemporaries. I've discussed my relationship with the Dallas Cowboys a bit in a previous post; they've been my favorite sports team (along with the Dallas Mavericks) since I was a kid, but I am beaten down by two decades of team mediocrity. I'm sure I will always cheer for them simply because I have so much personal history and nostalgic energy tied to them. But, unfortunately team owner… Read More
The Laundry Basket Girls (12/7/2018) - I've been all over the place lately with my sketches, jumping around to varied subjects like Ghostbusters, memes, Pinterest, and Einstein. I always come back to my favorite portrait subject though; my family. I haven't done a full accounting of people or types of artwork I've done (which would be a fun spreadsheet to make), but I'm sure my wife and kids have been the most frequently drawn people. A couple days ago, I felt like doing another one featuring the kiddos. It's actually been a while since I last sketched them, so is it possible they've grown/changed a bit… Read More
Musical Virtuoso Mike Patton (4/26/2020) - My senior year of high school, I became friends with a group of guys who I've known multiple decades now (how has it been so long?). Since I don't typically refer to other people by name on this site, I won't do that here, but they know who they are. Anyhow, although we had a lot of overlap in terms of musical tastes, they introduced me to an entirely new world of incredible music from vocalist Mike Patton. I had, as is true for many, heard Faith No More's Epic before. But I really hadn't been exposed to much else… Read More
Star Trek’s Captain Picard, This Time in Color (4/28/2018) - Back in December 2017, before I switched over to color drawings, I sketched a scene with my three favorite characters from Star Trek. It featured Captain Picard, La Forge, and Data in a crazy dream sequence from one of the more bizarre Star Trek the Next Generation episodes. Although I was pretty happy with how it turned out, I've wanted to give another nod to the show - this time in color. In fact, I would really like to circle back around for some color drawings on some of my favorite black and white subjects, like the band Faith No… Read More
Subject Counts and Wife Solo Portraits (1/5/2019) - Since getting back into drawing in 2017, I've generally been under the impression that most of my artwork has been of my family. I also had a feeling that the most frequent subject was probably my wife. Because data is fun, I decided there was no point in just assuming or guessing - better to crunch the numbers and find out for sure! I copied some data from my site anniversary spreadsheet, added information for more recent posts, and generated entries for every subject of my artwork. The idea was include a tally each time someone appears in artwork, whether… Read More
More from the Witcher, Ciri of Cintra (6/26/2020) - This is a continuation of my post last week about the Witcher Netflix show and game series. In that first post, I discussed the show in detail and shared some artwork featuring Geralt of Rivia, the Witcher himself. I mentioned that, unlike with Stranger Things, I actually caught this show during its peak popularity. Something I didn't touch on though is that there is a downside I didn't consider to being "on time" for a great show - the wait for more. I tore through all three seasons of Stranger Things in a massive binge, but it still took me… Read More