Random Art Posts

20 randomly selected posts about art from Amdall Gallery’s archives. These include normal graphite pencil or soft colored pencil drawings by Jon. Enjoy!

The Greatness of Mystery Science Theater 3000 (6/11/2018) - One of my favorite shows as a kid was Mystery Science Theater 3000 (MST3K). If you're not familiar with it, MST3K was basically a show about people making fun of terrible movies. There was a rudimentary plot about a janitor (Joel Hodgson and later Mike Nelson) being banished to a space station, then forced by a made scientist to watch the worst movies ever made. To keep their sanity, Joel and Mike were joined by a couple robot pals named Crow and Tom Servo. MST3K ran these bad movies in their entirety, with the crews' silhouettes at the bottom. Their… Read More
Inspiration from Twitter, Historical Photo Account Part 1 (4/22/2018) - It seems I'm always on the search for art subjects lately. And since I can be somewhat creatively limited when it comes to drawing, the best resources have been people I actually know and famous people (athletes, musicians, etc). I can't help it; I can draw a portrait of a real person, but ask me to create a character out of thin air? It's probably not going to be that great. Anyway, I recently came across a cool Twitter account called "History Lovers Club" (@historylvrsclub). This account basically posts various photos from recent history, many of which seem to be… Read More
Working Through a Misfire by way of the Backlog (11/8/2019) - I wrote a couple of months ago about an art show called the River Oaks 5x5x5, which I often refer to as the "tiny art" show. It's one that I entered two years ago and surprisingly had a sketch accepted for the exhibit. That was really early in my return to art, and the quality of what I was doing really wasn't very high. I had a lot to learn (and re-learn), so it was certainly unexpected to be selected. Although I missed last year's competition, essentially because I forgot about it and missed the deadline, I planned ahead this… Read More
Santa Taking a Cookie Break Christmas Eve (12/19/2020) - I am going to share some art out of order, which isn't my usual approach. But I thought it would make more sense to jump right to this drawing of Santa since we're so close to Christmas, even though it skips the line a bit. I had taken somewhat of a break recently from drawing - not really by design, life just gets busy sometimes. I decided to get back into the swing of things, I would take another shot at recording my outline and planning phases for the YouTube channel. My previous attempt at covering the entire process was… Read More
Jon Stewart Getting Things Done (8/10/2019) - I generally try to avoid wading into the political on Amdall Gallery. I've done it occasionally in the past, like my discussions and data analysis on mass shootings. But this blog is mostly about art, data, and random tech stuff, so I try to keep it in those lanes for the most part. Essentially, my thought is that people probably don't browse art sites in search of political talk. That being said, this post is going to be about Jon Stewart, the former host of the Daily Show. I've long been a fan of his, which probably gives pretty clear… Read More
Art Prompts from Pinterest Part 2 (11/19/2018) - Welcome to part two of this series of sketches based on Pinterest art prompts. In part one, I discussed some Pinterest basics and how useful the site can be for generating drawing ideas. This weekend, I decided to finally dive into my art prompts Pinterest board and try a few subjects. I selected some expressions/photo series of Shaquille O'Neal, John Malkovich, and a non-celebrity model with the intent of putting together a few planning sketches of each, along with a larger portraits. As it turned out, this was an overly ambitious plan. On several previous occasions (1 & 2, 3… Read More
Family Portrait, Thanksgiving Scene (This One Needs Work) (11/27/2017) - This one seemed simple enough, since I've been doing so many family sketches. I set out to draw a scene from a Thanksgiving dinner out with my mom, sister, brother-in-law, wife, and our two little ones. Unfortunately, not all art is destined to actually work...and this one I think falls into that category of "not this time, Jon." Here's what I have at this point: I started confidently enough, drawing very rough basic outlines from what I viewed as prominent shadows or similar color. It was still going fine as I went from left to right, filling in detail on… Read More
Luka Doncic the Surprise MVP Candidate (11/23/2019) - As I've mentioned in a few previous sports-related posts, I am a huge Dallas Mavericks fan. Although I've always loved football, and am (sometimes regrettably) a Dallas Cowboys fan, in the grand scheme of things the Mavericks tend to take the top spot in my fandom. My dad used to take me and my sister to games at the old Reunion Arena in the 1980s, and I even followed them throughout the 90s when they were terrible. I have fond memories of watching Dirk Nowitzki battle through the playoffs in the 2000s, and loved watching him finally capture a title… Read More
Updating a Wedding Present Portrait (11/1/2019) - Lately, I've been in a bit of an art re-visitation phase. I have been back into the drawing hobby for over two years at this point, which doesn't seem like a tremendous amount of time on its face, but feels significant to me. The style of artwork and techniques used have changed a lot, and in my view, continue to improve. I think it's natural to look back at the road you traveled sometimes, and I've been doing that with some of this stuff. I don't have much formal training when it comes to art; mostly just some high school… Read More
Experimenting with Light Sources (6/25/2019) - I surprised myself a bit following my last post by jumping immediately into another project. I hadn't planned to do so, but I found myself just sort of sitting around Sunday afternoon while my wife and kids taking naps. The previous portrait was a request from one of my co-workers of his dad and two kids. It wasn't especially taxing, but I did want to make sure it turned out well for him. So, I definitely put some energy into it, and once completed, it felt like time to shift gears. But to what? Watch television or play a video… Read More
Tribute to Some Good Folks (9/23/2017) - This week, my grandmother on my mother's side (we all call her Granny) had heart surgery. Fortunately, everything seems to have gone very well. She's recovering nicely, and has physically improved quite a bit even after only five days. She's my only grandparent, and my two little ones' only great-grandparent. Granny is a really kind person, and much loved by all of us. This week has naturally led me to think of her husband, my grandfather, who we all called "Paw Paw." He passed away about nine years ago, and was also a greatly loved person who we all miss.… Read More
Contest Drawing – Tiny Art (9/8/2017) - A co-worker told me recently about an interesting art show coming up; it's called the 2nd Annual 5x5x5 Show Miniature Works at the River Oaks Square Arts Center in Alexandria, Louisiana. This guy makes custom fishing lures, and entered some in last year's show. Even though I've never in my life entered anything into an art show, I suddenly had this wild idea to go for it. I've still got this itch to draw, so why not give it a shot? More information on the River Oaks 5x5x5 Show, check out the Call for Entry: https://www.callforentry.org/festivals_unique_info.php?ID=4449 River Oaks is inviting… Read More
The Laundry Basket Girls (12/7/2018) - I've been all over the place lately with my sketches, jumping around to varied subjects like Ghostbusters, memes, Pinterest, and Einstein. I always come back to my favorite portrait subject though; my family. I haven't done a full accounting of people or types of artwork I've done (which would be a fun spreadsheet to make), but I'm sure my wife and kids have been the most frequently drawn people. A couple days ago, I felt like doing another one featuring the kiddos. It's actually been a while since I last sketched them, so is it possible they've grown/changed a bit… Read More
Welcome to Flavortown (4/27/2019) - Is it Flavor Town or Flavortown? I'm actually not sure. Unfortunately, I don't know Guy Fieri, so I can't ask the Mayor of Flavortown about the preferred spelling. Regardless, this is a post about my favorite wild-haired, sandwich-tasting chef on television. For the most part, people know Guy Fieri from one of his shows on the Food Network; the one I occasionally watch is Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives. If you haven't seen it, basically Guy travels around the country sampling different town's cult-favorite restaurants. The show has actually been on the air for so long (29 seasons over 12 years),… Read More
Random Art, One with Madmartigan from Willow (2/21/2018) - I've got some random recent sketches on hand, so I thought I'd just combine a couple unrelated ones into a single post. My favorite of the bunch is a drawing from the movie Willow. If you haven't seen the movie, it's a fantasy-genre movie from the late 1980s, starring Val Kilmer and Warwick Davis. It was directed by Ron Howard, and produced by George Lucas. In my opinion, Willow is a really underrated movie. It's an enjoyable adventure, with an entertaining cast and fun banter - especially between Davis's Willow Ufgood and Kilmer's Madmartigan character. I was a kid when… Read More
Art Prompts from Pinterest Part 1 (11/19/2018) - When I started sharing artwork on this site, eventually I decided to create social media profiles for Amdall Gallery on any platform I could think of. I haven't gotten traction on any others near the level I have on the Wordpress Reader, Facebook, or Twitter. But I figured I should at least try to have a presence on elsewhere, just in case somehow I could drive some traffic to the Gallery. This website is a fun experiment for me in many ways, particularly because I can learn more about topics I only had surface-level knowledge of previously (fascinating stuff like… Read More
Dark Tower Villain Improvements (4/18/2020) - I haven't discussed the series in a while, but if you came across this blog any time in early 2018, you were probably greeted with a barrage of posts about the Dark Tower. Even outside of this specific series, I'm a huge Stephen King fan, but the Dark Tower books are probably my favorite in the fantasy genre. As I've mentioned before, I would put it right up there with A Song of Ice and Fire and Lord of the Rings. It's very strange in hindsight that I hadn't read the series prior to 2018, but I guess it was… Read More
Another Try at Digital Artwork (6/6/2019) - Just over a year ago, I wrote about my first ever attempt at using a tablet and digital pen to draw. I bought an XP-Pen Deco 01 tablet and downloaded Krita's open source painting software to give it a shot. As I mentioned in last year's post, this was quite a bit more difficult than I thought it would be. Although the pen was pretty responsive with good pressure sensitivity, I had a great deal of trouble coping with the pen not marking directly on my writing surface. This particular tablet doesn't have a screen - captured pen strokes are… Read More
By Request, Frozen’s Anna and Elsa (4/9/2020) - Like so many parents, we're doing our best to keep the little ones busy as well as ourselves. In an effort to keep myself busy, I recently wrote, illustrated, and published a children's book called Robot Family Adventures. It's actually free on Kindle right now, so if your kids want a short story to read, this one features robots and dinosaurs. Another thing I've been trying to do to keep myself occupied is continue drawing/sketching. Our youngest has been requesting (or demanding?) a Frozen drawing, which is going to be the subject of this post. So, if you're a parent… Read More
Back in Time Part 1 – High School Sketches (1/23/2018) - I was doing a little website housecleaning, and saw I had uploaded a bunch of old sketches but never made posts about them. They mostly consisted of sketches from when I was in high school and my late teens, before I took a 15 year break (wow, sounds bad when I say it like that) from drawing. The photo image quality on these old sketches was terrible; these were mostly taken ages ago, probably with an ancient iPhone of some sort. I decided to salvage what I could through sharpening and lighting edits, and re-shoot anything that needed it. Then… Read More