Dua Lipa Portrait Oil Painting

Dua Lipa, oil on paper.

The subject of this post is an oil painting I did by request of my kids – it’s a portrait of one of their favorite musicians Dua Lipa. She has a couple of songs they really love, specifically Don’t Start Now and Levitating are two they most often belt out at high volumes. After I painted one of my favorite musicians (Mike Patton), they asked if I would do a couple of their favorites – a great excuse to try something new!

This post is my first attempt at a more condensed and shorter blog style. For years, I’ve pushed towards really long posts that are probably a bit too unwieldy in many ways. So, I hope this is easier to digest for views…and easier for me to create and share quickly. It should at least help me get through my backlog of paintings (at least I hope).

Anyhow, back to the painting – I thought I did a good job on this one overall. The other painting I did for the kids didn’t turn out as well, which I’ll share soon, but I think this was a good likeness of Dua Lipa. I based on it on one of her videos that I watched on YouTube, although I can’t remember which one now. It was one of the songs the kids love though, possibly Don’t Start Now. Defining characteristics can be subtle and sometimes difficult to render, which I find especially true with paint. This may just be my inexperience working with oils though. Regardless, I think I captured most of her defining characteristics well enough. This is probably generally recognizable as her, which is certainly a victory.

Coming up next – more musicians! Specifically, Mike Patton from Faith No More, and one that is supposed to be Taylor Swift.

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