Random Selections

30 randomly selected articles from Amdall Gallery’s archives. Enjoy!

Mass Shooting Post-Vegas Data Update, Frustration with Politicians, and Some Ideas (10/3/2017)- Once again, we have to face another horrifying mass shooting event. This time, it was the worst mass shooting event in U.S. history. It's frustrating… Read More
Art Prompts from Pinterest Part 1 (11/19/2018)- When I started sharing artwork on this site, eventually I decided to create social media profiles for Amdall Gallery on any platform I could think… Read More
Portrait Giveaway, Round Three (8/14/2018)- Welcome to the third Amdall Gallery custom portrait giveaway! Well, I suppose it's the third...the first giveaway included a choice of $20 or a portrait,… Read More
Radio Favorites – Art Bell and his Many Shows (3/31/2018)- Often when I draw, I'm also talking with the family, listening to my oldest make up stories, or absorbing the kids' show-of-the-moment in the background.… Read More
Three-Quarters of the Ghostbusters (10/23/2018)- Back in May, when I was in the middle of a flurry of sketches, I had an idea to draw characters from some of my… Read More
Drawing Two Scenes at Once, First Sketch of Grandma (3/28/2018)- I'm in an unusual place with this sketching hobby right now. I can see improvement in the results to some degree, and it's making me… Read More
Starting 2019 with a Portrait Giveaway (1/21/2019)- What better way to start 2019 than with another portrait giveaway? Well, actually there are better ways...winning the lotto comes to mind. But, it would… Read More
My Attempted Tribute to Emmitt Smith (5/15/2018)- A couple of weeks ago, I wrote a post about one of my favorite Dallas Cowboys players of all-time, who recently announced his retirement. Jason… Read More
Fond Memories of Star Trek – Picard, Data, and La Forge (12/10/2017)- When I was a kid, one of my favorite shows was Star Trek the Next Generation. The series landed right in time to entertain a… Read More
A Tribute to Faith No More, the Greatest Band of All Time (12/16/2017)- Around 1999, as I was finishing high school, some guys I started hanging around with (who would become lifelong friends) introduced me to Faith No… Read More
Wedding Present for Some Friends (12/25/2017)- This Christmas, we were excited to attend an additional event beyond the usual family get-togethers. My wife's close friend for the last two decades was… Read More
Getting Some Right Brain Exercise, Sketching Video Game Characters (1/27/2018)- The last handful of posts I made were "back in time" topics (1, 2, 3), sharing some old sketches. An observations from this series was… Read More
Dak Prescott and Jason Witten Sketch (12/9/2017)- Despite the fact that the Dallas Cowboys have consistently rewarded fan loyalty over the past two decades with a hefty serving of mediocrity, I am… Read More
Airline Fleet Totals, Leg Room Analysis Revisited (1/1/2018)- Happy New Year, all! I'm going to start 2018 by revisiting something I've wanted to take another crack at for a while. Four months ago,… Read More
More Throwback Practice Art (6/24/2018)- A couple months ago, I did some sketches that took their inspiration from the many "historical photo" Twitter accounts out there. One was a not-very-accurate… Read More
Family Portrait, Thanksgiving Scene (This One Needs Work) (11/27/2017)- This one seemed simple enough, since I've been doing so many family sketches. I set out to draw a scene from a Thanksgiving dinner out… Read More
Subject Counts and Wife Solo Portraits (1/5/2019)- Since getting back into drawing in 2017, I've generally been under the impression that most of my artwork has been of my family. I also… Read More
Cryptocurrency Experiment – New Set of Coins, End of Year Update (12/16/2017)- As we approach the new year, the cryptocurrency markets are booming once again. It seems like all major altcoins are surging, and Bitcoin itself is… Read More
Airline & Airplane Seat Comparisons (8/10/2017)- Updated research on this topic can be found here: Airline Fleet Totals, Leg Room Analysis Revisited. This more recent article integrates fleet totals for a… Read More
Hometown Series, Football Huddle (3/2/2018)- It's been about seven years since I moved from the ol' hometown, where I spent the first three decades of my life. During my 20s,… Read More
One Year Site Anniversary (9/7/2018)- It's a little hard to believe, but it's been a year now since I rebooted Amdall Gallery and really got rolling on this artwork and… Read More
More Art from Ads (3/21/2018)- Back in February, I did a couple sketches based on clothing ads I saw online. A couple weeks ago, I was flipping through my daily… Read More
Round 2 with Color, Dad and Youngest Daughter (1/7/2018)- Now that I've gotten my first attempt using colored pencils¬†down, I decided to jump right back into the fire and try again. I think I… Read More
Cryptocurrency Experiment, Thanksgiving Update (11/26/2017)- Although I just wrote an update on my cryptocurrency experiment about a week ago, I felt the need to write another. Over Thanksgiving weekend, prices… Read More
Matching Men’s Coat and Pants (8/13/2017)- Alright, I admit that this is probably embarrassing and sad...I have difficulty making good fashionable choices. Especially when we start talking about branching out to… Read More
Subscriber Thanks, Some Artist Site Favorites (4/5/2018)- To my continued surprise, this website has gained more subscribers than I ever would have expected. When I resurrected Amdall Gallery from the ancient blog… Read More
A Dark Tower Redo, One Year Comparison (2/23/2019)- At the start of 2018, I finished what has become one of my favorite fiction novel series; The Dark Tower by Stephen King. If you're… Read More
A Family Portrait from New Orleans (7/23/2018)- It seems like I haven't posted much lately, which is confirmed when I look at the monthly archive counts on my sidebar. Over the last… Read More
Another Sketch with my Oldest, Alternate Title “Tired Dad” (11/15/2017)- Well, I'm sure it seems like the prevailing theme for all these drawings, but here's another a did of me with my oldest kiddo. I… Read More
Fezzik and Inigo from the Princess Bride, A Warm-Up (4/17/2018)- Despite wanting to put pencil to paper, it's been a few weeks since I've drawn anything. I'ts been on my mind, but life/work has been… Read More