Random Selections

30 randomly selected articles from Amdall Gallery’s archives. Enjoy!

Website Milestone (10/5/2017) - This is surely not a huge deal for many websites, but from my perspective, this site hit a rather large milestone today. Good ol' jonamdall.com… Read More
Custom Portrait Giveaway Winner (6/27/2018) - The second Amdall Gallery giveaway officially came to an end Tuesday night. There was only one prize this time - a custom portrait of the… Read More
Milestone Statistics, Unnecessarily Detailed Data (4/8/2018) - Welcome to part two of three in a series of posts thanking readers, and taking a step back to review Amdall Gallery's status as we… Read More
Well, I’m no Albert Einstein (11/7/2018) - This week, I worked on a sketch of legendary hair model Albert Einstein (I hear he also dabbled in some science-related stuff). As I was… Read More
Gift Sketch of Nana and the Grandkids (7/5/2018) - This post will be a delayed publication; most likely you're reading it in July, but everything here is actually from June. Not that it matters,… Read More
Totinos Pizza and Chili (1/3/2018) - I'm a grown adult, rapidly approaching 40 years old. I've got children, a mortgage, probably a bunch of other stuff that might suggest a mature… Read More
Another Featuring Dirk Nowitzki (2/8/2018) - Last year, I did a sketch tribute to my favorite basketball player of all time, the king of the one-legged jumper, Dirk Nowitzki. That first… Read More
One Year Site Anniversary (9/7/2018) - It's a little hard to believe, but it's been a year now since I rebooted Amdall Gallery and really got rolling on this artwork and… Read More
‘Pencils and Process’ Book is Out Now (4/5/2019) - It feels weird to say this, but I finished writing a book...and it's actually published and available now! The book is called Pencils and Process,… Read More
Holiday Portrait Gift (12/25/2019) - In what is apparently becoming somewhat of a tradition, this post is a delayed one. What I mean is, it was actually written at the… Read More
The Dark Tower Villain Sketches (1/14/2018) - I've given significant sketching time to the heroes from the Dark Tower, but haven't done anything on the villains. Actually, maybe villain isn't quite the… Read More
Proposal Drawing (9/5/2017) - Now that I've got my mind on drawing again (here's my first drawing in years), I realized there is something that I haven't uploaded to… Read More
The Fifth Element – Gary Oldman’s Zorg (5/25/2018) - Welcome to part two of this run of drawings from The Fifth Element. In the first one, I covered some basics from the film and… Read More
Pandemic Social Distancing Artwork (3/19/2020) - Writing about artwork during a global pandemic really isn't something I expected to be doing at all. Yet here we are in an escalating health… Read More
In Memory of Javier Garcia (4/21/2022) - This post is written in memory of Javier Homero Garcia. Javier, my wife's father, recently passed away. We were fortunate that we were able to… Read More
June Portrait Giveaway, the Resulting Artwork (7/15/2018) - At the end of last month, we wrapped up a custom portrait giveaway with some pretty solid participation. The winner sent me a photo she… Read More
Elden Ring Art – Ranni the Witch, Blaidd, and Iji (5/13/2022) - I've finally beaten Elden Ring, which feels like quite a milestone for someone who isn't a particularly skilled gamer (I can't tell you how many… Read More
New Product and Game Review Site ‘Armdog Reviews’ (7/27/2020) - It's been quite a busy last month or so. The family and I finally made our long-delayed moved to Texas. It's something that's been in… Read More
Dirk Nowitzki, Basketball Legend (10/12/2017) - To me, no player exemplifies Dallas sports like Dirk Nowitzki. Texas is obviously wild about football, and the Cowboys are the lead dog in terms… Read More
Elden Ring Art – Millicent, Hewg, Alexander, and Turtle Pope (5/3/2022) - As I've discussed quite a bit, I am a big fan of Elden Ring by From Software. The challenging and deep combat of Dark Souls,… Read More
Working on More Realism in Family Portraits (2/23/2018) - I have drawn four total sketches of my wife. From what I can see looking at these previous drawings, I don't think I've ever quite… Read More
Poseable Drawing Figure Research and Testing (10/9/2019) - I am often thrown for a loop about the passage of time. I've written in many posts here about such and such amount of time… Read More
A Masterpiece from My Oldest Daughter (5/9/2018) - Naturally, this site is primarily focused on things that I've drawn. That makes sense, it's right there in the name; Amdall (me) Gallery (a collection… Read More
Welcome to Flavortown (4/27/2019) - Is it Flavor Town or Flavortown? I'm actually not sure. Unfortunately, I don't know Guy Fieri, so I can't ask the Mayor of Flavortown about… Read More
Is it Worth it to Wait? Analysis of Home Prices in Booming Markets (9/26/2017) - My wife and I have recently been exploring moving from Louisiana back to where we both grew up; Dallas, Texas. It's home sweet home for… Read More
Portrait Giveaway, Round Three (8/14/2018) - Welcome to the third Amdall Gallery custom portrait giveaway! Well, I suppose it's the third...the first giveaway included a choice of $20 or a portrait,… Read More
Quest for a New Phone – Google Pixel 2 vs Pixel 2XL vs Samsung Galaxy (11/3/2017) - A couple months ago, as my Samsung Galaxy S7 really started to show its age via slowdowns and battery degradation, I started surveying the current… Read More
Portrait Giveaway While We’re Social Distancing (4/24/2020) - As I was thinking about tentative plans for a few upcoming posts, the thought crossed my mind to do another artwork giveaway. It's been about… Read More
Non-Stop Bob Ross and The Joy of Painting (6/17/2021) - Moving to a new home naturally comes with an adjustment period. I guess everyone's timing may vary, but eventually that sense of newness wears off… Read More
Cryptocurrency Revisited (3-4 Weeks Later) (9/1/2017) - About three weeks ago, I wrote about my first experience purchasing cryptocurrency, covering the basics about coins, exchanges, and wallets. In short, I purchased 21… Read More