Random Selections

10 randomly selected articles from Amdall Gallery’s archives. Enjoy!

  • Cryptocurrency Experiment, Thanksgiving Update (11/26/2017) - Although I just wrote an update on my cryptocurrency experiment about a week ago, I felt the need to writer another. Over Thanksgiving weekend, prices started jumping for some reason. I really have no idea why a few have surged so rapidly, but I wanted to show which coins are now the high-risers. Original article, August 2017: https://jonamdall.com/2017/08/10/cryptocurrency-exploration/ Three week
  • Twitter Account Analytics (12/17/2017) - A few weeks ago, I was thinking about my two Twitter accounts; one personal and one for this site. I was wondering if there was a tool that would allow me to export or web-scrape my Twitter history into .xls or .csv, so I could crank out some pivot tables. There may be multiple ways to do this, but I
  • Website Milestone (10/5/2017) - This is surely not a huge deal for many websites, but from my perspective, this site hit a rather large milestone today. Good ol’ jonamdall.com just had its 10,000th hit! For a small-time hobbyist like me, that seems really huge and quite unlikely to have ever happened. So, as a visitor, I have to thank you – yes you, reader!
  • My Experience Wearing a Fitness Tracker for a Year (1/11/2018) - In late February 2017, I started wearing a fitness tracking band. I bought a Fitbit Charge 2 HR, which tracks all sorts of wonderful bits of data such as steps, heart rate, sleep, and probably other stuff. I’ve been wearing it a lot less often lately, but for most of the past year, I wore it almost every day. For
  • Airline & Airplane Seat Comparisons (8/10/2017) - Updated research on this topic can be found here: Airline Fleet Totals, Leg Room Analysis Revisited. This more recent article integrates fleet totals for a more complete view of seat pitch distribution across airlines. Research on the topic of airline and airplane seat size comparisons was triggered by an article I read recently. Unfortunately, I can’t remember where the article
  • Dirk Nowitzki, Basketball Legend (10/12/2017) - To me, no player exemplifies Dallas sports like Dirk Nowitzki. Texas is obviously wild about football, and the Cowboys are the lead dog in terms of area sports teams (despite their amazing run of mediocrity over the last two decades). You could certainly also make an argument that most Dallas-area sports fans gravitate towards baseball and the Texas Rangers a
  • Diet Coke and Mentos, Round 1 (8/16/2011) - So, the sidewalk egg-frying experiment made me think about some of our previous science experiments after work.  The first one was an attempt at the classic Diet Coke and Mentos explosion.  If you’re not familiar with it, hop on over to YouTube.  It’s a fairly popular Bill Nye the Science Guy-style trick.  Essentially, adding Mentos candy to Diet Coke causes
  • Cryptocurrency Experiment – New Set of Coins, End of Year Update (12/16/2017) - As we approach the new year, the cryptocurrency markets are booming once again. It seems like all major altcoins are surging, and Bitcoin itself is approaching $20,000. At this point, my cryptocurrency purchase experiment is approaching the five month mark. I had purchased coins in three separate batches, but now I’ve just added a fourth. I had some cash that
  • Group Scene of My Granny, Mom, Sister, and the Girls (11/19/2017) - I’ve discussed in a post a few weeks ago (or was that longer?) how I wanted to draw my Granny. I’ve also wanted to get a few more family members to paper, including my mom and sister, but hadn’t gotten to them yet either. Well, I finally captured Granny’s likeness, and I’m pretty satisfied with her portion! My sister and
  • Planning for a Dark Tower Drawing (10/8/2017) - Lately, I’ve been really into the Dark Tower series by Stephen King. I’ve always been a big Stephen King fan, and I enjoy fantasy novels, so it’s actually really strange that it’s taken me so long to start the series. I’m currently on book 4, Wizard and Glass; so I’m right at the half-way point (please, no later-book spoilers in