Dak Prescott and Jason Witten Sketch

Despite the fact that the Dallas Cowboys have consistently rewarded fan loyalty over the past two decades with a hefty serving of mediocrity, I am a lifelong fan. I grew up watching the Cowboys, and because they were winning Super Bowls when I was young, I sort of thought that would keep happening. Well, I was clearly wrong about that…but maybe my children (grandchildren?) will get to see a Cowboys team win it all. Provided the NFL lasts that long, anyway (see: concussion statistics, over-saturated schedule, political battles, uneven/illogical discipline, and so on).

Somewhat surprisingly, I’ve actually never drawn a Cowboys player. I’ve drawn more baseball players, a sport I don’t even watch, than I have Dallas Cowboys. Part of that may be because football players are sort of hard to draw; you can’t see much of their faces, and that’s my favorite part of drawing. For this sketch, I decided to do a rough pencil scratching featuring Dak Prescott, with Jason Witten close by. Even though he’s in a bit of a slump currently, I’ve become a big fan of Dak. He’s a good player, but I also like what he’s all about; he just seems like a good dude. Witten is also a favorite, and has been for quite a while. He also appears to be a good guy, and has been such a rock for this team for a decade.

Here’s the sketch:

As I said above, this one is a little rough and not especially refined. What little you can see of Dak’s face doesn’t look much like him, unfortunately. And I’ve discovered I’m too impatient to be very good at drawing tattoos. I mentioned Dak is in a bit of a slump lately; I think I’m also sort of in a drawing slump. I’m still enjoying it, but the last couple of sketches I’ve done haven’t looked much like the actual subjects.

Over the last couple of months, I’ve gotten a bunch practice in drawing, and was hoping to see some skill improvement. In a way, I have gotten better; I’m less reliant on grids than I used to be, which is nice. But, I feel like I’ve almost gotten lazier and less committed to finishing drawings I start!



  • You’ve captured the movement really well – that’s key in a scene like this!

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    • Thanks!

      It’s too bad I didn’t really capture Dak Prescott’s face very well. For some reason, he looks like Warren Moon to me in this drawing. Strange, right?

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      • I wouldn’t know Dak from Warren – lol. I guess since I don’t watch football, it’s the kinetic representation that I like and the faces are secondary. Must have been really hard to draw behind a helmet – I don’t know how I’d go about it, but I might try slightly exaggerating some features in Dak’s face- almost like making a caricature, but not quite. It’s a tricky one!

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      • Ahhh, that’s an excellent idea! I wish I’d thought of that. I was trying to be subtle, and ended up losing the thread in terms of features that make Dak look like Dak. You’re right, I’ll bet some feature exaggeration would have helped – I’m going to file that one away for later


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