A Masterpiece from My Oldest Daughter


Naturally, this site is primarily focused on things that I’ve drawn. That makes sense, it’s right there in the name; Amdall (me) Gallery (a collection of art). But, my three year old daughter drew something a couple days ago which I thought was really good for her age. I figured, hey she’s an Amdall too, so technically this fits into the site’s purpose!

Our oldest is headed to preschool in the fall, and we’ve been on a wait list to get her into a Montessori school. She got off the wait list this week, so we all went to meet with her soon-to-be-teacher. She was so excited! Our girl sees them in many of her favorite shows, and has been talking about “her teacher” for months now without even having one. Now that it was time to actually meet, she decided that she wanted to draw her family and give it to the teacher.

I’m actually really impressed with what this big kid made. Maybe that’s just because she’s my child, and I’m proud of any small thing…but it is a major leap from how she used to draw. Sometimes when I’m working on a sketch at my desk, she joins me and draws something too. In the past, her artwork was mostly random scribbling and chaotic lines. But this piece actually has identifiable subjects! The heads are round, everyone has two eyes, her mom and I have hair, I have a beard, and (almost) everyone has legs.

The header version at the top of the page includes little thumbnails of previous sketches I did next to our counterparts in her drawing. Below, I’ve included a labeled drawing, followed by the original. The drawing was all done by her hands, guided by her ideas. I did provide some basic help by asking her some questions as she told me what she was drawing. Questions like, “Oh you’re drawing your sister? What color are her eyes?” I tried not to interfere too much though.

A labeled version:

Portrait Tags2

The original:


She was so proud of this drawing! And we were proud of her too, she’s quite the little artist (I may be slightly biased on this point, I admit). I’m not going to fill the site with drawings from my kiddos or anything, but I just wanted to share this one.


  • Love the portraits! Good attention to detail, like the red hair with the ponytail, brown hair, and the blue eyes. A job well done, glad she was so proud 🙂 I hope she keeps drawing and never loses her love for art

    • Thanks Kathy! I’m just so impressed that she’s starting to progress beyond full scribble-mode. I mean, based on how she used to draw, it’s pretty cool to watch the change.

  • Err. Oops! Enter button! Feel free to edit my comment. Our son does that too, the attention to detail in his drawings. He sees and remembers things I do not!

    I love that she was so proud. I cherish that about our son as well; he has no need for comparison; he just looks as his own piece of art and thinks he has done well. I hope it will last.

    What a great way to “interfere” without interfering 🙂

    I would love to see more of these!

    • That’s so awesome, I love that unfiltered joy kids get out of their accomplishments! I know exactly what you mean, as their parent you just hope that state of being lasts as long as possible. I know it won’t last forever – growing up does that I guess. But I sure enjoy seeing how excited she gets

  • They are lovely portraits. Tell her well done!

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