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This page is designed to show rankings and lists of posts from Amdall Gallery. For now, this includes lists of the top posts over the last 30 days based on page views (similar to the sidebar widget to the right) and the top posts of all time based on total comments. I may come up with more over time, who knows?

Top Posts, Based on Views from the Last 30 Days

  1. New Years 2023 Portrait Painting Giveaway (12/27/2022) by Jon Amdall - My last custom portrait giveaway was several months ago, but a lot has changed for me in the art realm since then. With previous giveaways,… Read More
  2. Access and VBA Cheat Sheet (5/18/2018) by Jon Amdall - As I've mentioned many times on this site, I am a huge fan of Microsoft's data-crunching solutions. I've gained a reputation for it too; when… Read More
  3. Elden Ring Malenia Radahn Artwork (4/11/2022) by Jon Amdall - Apparently Amdall Gallery is turning into an Elden Ring fanart site, because I just couldn’t move on yet without getting into some of the interesting… Read More
  4. Excel Function Cheat Sheet (10/4/2017) by Jon Amdall - As a huge Excel fanatic, over the years I've amassed a nice collection of spreadsheets; if you've explored this website much, I'm sure you've seen… Read More
  5. Drawing a Mirror’s Reflection (3/4/2022) by Jon Amdall - I am often amused by the strange processes that seem to govern how I decide what to draw. Personality-wise, I tend to be a planner… Read More
  6. Comparing Art Video Time-Lapse Lengths and Styles (1/16/2023) by Jon Amdall - In this post, I want to take a step back and compare the different types of art videos I've shared on the YouTube channel. Basically,… Read More
  7. Elden Ring Art – Millicent, Hewg, Alexander, and Turtle Pope (5/3/2022) by Jon Amdall - As I've discussed quite a bit, I am a big fan of Elden Ring by From Software. The challenging and deep combat of Dark Souls,… Read More
  8. Catching Up on Blog Posts, Thoughts on Priorities (1/4/2023) by Jon Amdall - This post is basically about how far behind I am on blogging. I came across a great quote from the artist Richard Schmid who said… Read More
  9. Fixing Mistakes and Redoing Artwork (1/29/2023) by Jon Amdall - This post is all about messing up artwork, which is something I have a decent amount of experience with. I'm going to share some of… Read More
  10. Drawing from Unsplash Photos (5/10/2019) by Jon Amdall - My free time has been pretty well monopolized recently, first with writing a book, and then with figuring out the ins-and-outs of independent publishing. Now… Read More
  11. Drawing Models and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (8/20/2019) by Jon Amdall - One of my favorite things about browsing the Internet is how easy it is to randomly discover something new. That could involve stumbling upon an… Read More
  12. How to Make Progression .Gif Images (11/15/2019) by Jon Amdall - If my "archive categories" widget is to be believed, at this point I've written 115 art-related posts on this website. That's pretty surprising to me,… Read More
  13. Publishing on Amazon’s KDP and IngramSpark (4/20/2019) by Jon Amdall - As you may have seen on the front page or my ongoing forum thread, I published a book recently! It's something that I've vaguely wanted… Read More
  14. Elden Ring Art – Ranni the Witch, Blaidd, and Iji (5/13/2022) by Jon Amdall - I've finally beaten Elden Ring, which feels like quite a milestone for someone who isn't a particularly skilled gamer (I can't tell you how many… Read More
  15. Radio Favorites – Art Bell and his Many Shows (3/31/2018) by Jon Amdall - Often when I draw, I'm also talking with the family, listening to my oldest make up stories, or absorbing the kids' show-of-the-moment in the background.… Read More
  16. Geralt and Ciri Art From The Witcher Netflix Show (1/1/2022) by Jon Amdall - Recently, season two of Netflix's The Witcher series debuted. Back in the summer lock-down months of 2020, I wrote a bit about my impressions from… Read More
  17. Sketch of the Entire Family, No Planning (11/4/2017) by Jon Amdall - Last night, after putting the kids to bed, I was smacked with an urge to try to draw my entire family. I've drawn my wife… Read More
  18. The Fifth Element – Leeloo Dallas Multipass (5/25/2018) by Jon Amdall - Last week, I did a sketch from one of my favorite movies, the original Karate Kid. I like how the drawing turned out, but the… Read More
  19. Elden Ring Art – Tarnished, Maiden, and Grace (3/13/2022) by Jon Amdall - Like many people, I've been completely transfixed over the last couple of weeks by Elden Ring. The game is basically like wild mashup of Dark… Read More
  20. Melina Elden Ring Oil Painting (12/14/2022) by Jon Amdall - This post is centered around an oil painting of a character from Elden Ring named Melina, who acts as a guide for the player during… Read More


Top Posts, Based on Total Comments

  1. Subscriber Appreciation Giveaway (4/19/2018) by Jon Amdall - Welcome to the last portion of a series of posts thanking subscribers, showing my appreciation… Read More
  2. First Attempt at Oil Painting (9/21/2022) by Jon Amdall - This post is about my very first attempt at oil painting. Well, really first ever… Read More
  3. Custom Portrait Giveaway (5/23/2018) by Jon Amdall - In this poll asking if anyone would be interested in a giveaway if it only… Read More
  4. Digital Drawing is Really Hard (6/3/2018) by Jon Amdall - I am generally very interested in tech-related things, and love to waste money on gadgets.… Read More
  5. Subscriber Thanks, Some Artist Site Favorites (4/5/2018) by Jon Amdall - To my continued surprise, this website has gained more subscribers than I ever would have… Read More
  6. Getting Back into Art (9/2/2017) by Jon Amdall - Even though I have always enjoyed it, it's been years since I've actually sat down,… Read More
  7. Preferred Medium, Process, and Frequently Used Colors (5/30/2018) by Jon Amdall - A few days ago, there was a comment asking about which medium I use. This is… Read More
  8. Two Concurrent Sketches, Dad and the Girls (3/29/2018) by Jon Amdall - Welcome to part two of this reckless "drawing two things at once" series. Basically, I… Read More
  9. Radio Favorites – Art Bell and his Many Shows (3/31/2018) by Jon Amdall - Often when I draw, I'm also talking with the family, listening to my oldest make… Read More
  10. Drawing from Unsplash Photos (5/10/2019) by Jon Amdall - My free time has been pretty well monopolized recently, first with writing a book, and… Read More