Woman on Speakerphone Portrait

 It’s kind of interesting to look back at this portrait. It was my 49th oil painting, which at the time of writing this, was 64 paintings ago. It’s kind of wild to think I’m that far behind in blogging – this was done in February, and I’ve painted more in the time since then than I had in total when I did this one. So, it’s becoming an fascinating exercise in trying to imagine what I was thinking at the time, and what I’ve learned since.

This one started out with some promise, but sometimes paintings just don’t go the way you thought they would. At some point, I felt like I lost control of the piece. In particular, I think I moved the eyes, hand, and mouth into an awkward place, and then tried to smooth things over in a less than successful way.

Once it went sideways, I also started to lose interest in it. Based on what I wrote on Instagram, I did this one on a Sunday – as it became time to get ready for the workweek, I just sort of came to end of the painting mentally. Putting it in perspective, it was certainly an improvement over some I’d attempted a month or two prior. But it’s never been a favorite. Despite that, for some reason the YouTube Shorts version became my most popular video of all time. I have no idea why, but I guess it hit their algorithm just right.

I’ve embedded the YouTube Shorts video below. I didn’t make a separate one for the “Painting to Music” playlist this time, so no classical music video to share.

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  • Hi Jon I know you have progressed past this but I rather like this portrait. You have successfully captured the faraway look in the woman’s eyes as she’s chatting on the phone and not truly attending to her surroundings. Nicely done !

    • Thanks Phoebe! She definitely has a faraway look of someone not totally engaged, although I have to admit I don’t know if that was even intentional. Hope everything is good with you!

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