Cryptocurrency Experiment, Thanksgiving Update

Although I just wrote an update on my cryptocurrency experiment about a week ago, I felt the need to write another. Over Thanksgiving weekend, prices started jumping for some reason. I really have no idea why a few have surged so rapidly, but I wanted to show which coins are now the high-risers.

Original article, August 2017:

Three week follow up, September 2017: 

Three month update, November 2017:

For background, I originally purchased 21 different coins, totaling $57 ($65 before fees due to inefficient purchasing). In the post last week, the investment had almost doubled. Well, about a week later following the holidays, this collection is well on it’s way to tripling. The two charts show value changes from the initial purchase to today; one in percentage change, another in raw U.S. dollar value change. These percentage/dollar charts are color-coded, with orange representing “the big boys” (primary trading coins), blue for potential windfalls (cheap coins I bought a lot of), and gray for everything else.

Cryptocurrency update percentage 11.26.17

Table 1. Percentage change in value from August 2017 to Thanksgiving 2017 (three months and just over a week).


Cryptocurrency update dollars 11.26.17

Table 2. Dollar value change in value from August 2017 to Thanksgiving 2017 (three months and some change).

People often pay attention to Bitcoin, and for good reason; it’s up over 200% since my initial investment three months ago. But Feathercoin has increased more, up over 300% since the same time period. Apparently that’s chump change though, because Einsteinium is up almost 800%, and my Vertcoin and Monacoin balances have increased closer to 900%. It really makes the 100% growth coins (Syscoin, Verge, Ethereum, Litecoin, Myriad, Pinkcoin) seem lower, although that’s pretty significant itself. Definitely makes me wish I’d bought more Einsteinium, Vertcoin, and Monacoin!

As I planned before, I’ll try to update again in a few months. Unless some crazy changes happen in the meantime, anyway.


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