Group Scene of My Granny, Mom, Sister, and the Girls

I’ve discussed in a post a few weeks ago (or was that longer?) how I wanted to draw my Granny. I’ve also wanted to get a few more family members to paper, including my mom and sister, but hadn’t gotten to them yet either. Well, I finally captured Granny’s likeness, and I’m pretty satisfied with her portion! My sister and mom were sort of off-center on this one though, but I’ll talk more about that below.

Here is the sketch:


As I said, I think Granny looks pretty true to life. I struggled a bit accurately portraying my Mom’s face, probably because the angle in the photo I referenced was a tricky oblique view. It does mostly look like her, but I’d like to do another one with her face in full view. Likewise, my sister is obscured by my oldest daughter and her giant “cowboy hat” (as she calls it). The main subject of this one was Granny, so I guess that’s alright for now. But it might be nice to try to draw something that has my sister in full view too. Maybe something with her and Mom? Or another group, with my sister’s husband and their herd of animals? Lots of possibilities.

If you’re wondering what’s going on in this scene, it was sort of chaotic. We had just brought the girls over to my mom’s place, and my sister and Granny were already there. Our youngest was wiggling and grumping about something (probably telling us off in baby talk for making her sit in her car seat), and Granny was trying to sooth her. While Granny patted her on the back, our oldest was trying to tell Nana (my mom) about something (probably about Mr. Bunny who she’s holding), but was surprised by her sister’s yelling. My mom watched all this in amusement, especially the oldest’s reaction. Meanwhile, my sister is watching the show, possibly thinking, “this little baby is crazy, why is she yelling at us?!” Good times!


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