Getting Back into Art

Even though I have always enjoyed it, it’s been years since I’ve actually sat down, got focused, and drawn anything. I’ve sketched friends, family, self-portraits, and my wife, but never my two little ones. Is it a coincidence that I have a toddler and infant and somehow haven’t been able to dedicate a few hours to drawing? Yes, I’m sure it is totally unrelated. Anywho, now that they are getting a little older (relatively speaking), it’s getting a little easier to do things other than just laying around. Our toddler enjoys just hanging out with me by the computer desk, and once I started drawing, she sat and sketched with me. Her subject seemed to be a tornado or something, but I decided to draw my girls.

So, for this one I started with my usual grid system. Even though it’s been years, it really was like riding a bike. Marking the grids, then starting the outline felt really good. It was a familiar, sort of nostalgic experience. We put some music on, and just dove in.


Above is a progress image from early in this drawing. This is probably weird, but I usually like the very early versions better than the finished product. The next image below is probably my favorite state of this particular project. I finished it, but somehow the finished version didn’t seem as good.


And now, here’s the final version. At least, I think this is the final version. Sometimes, I can’t help but continue messing with it, and occasionally I think it’s to the drawing’s detriment.

20170902_105813 - Copy

Overall, though, I’m pretty satisfied with it. I’m glad my modest ability to sketch hasn’t faded too much. I’m definitely not a pro, but it’s a fun hobby.


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