Subscriber Appreciation Giveaway

Welcome to the last portion of a series of posts thanking subscribers, showing my appreciation for folks out there who’ve viewed the site, shared advice, and provided encouragement. In part one, I discussed some favorite art sites and asked readers about the types of giveaways they might be interested in. In part two, I shared some interesting statistics (to me, anyway). Now, we’re to the actual giveaway!

According to the results of the poll in the first post, 80% of respondents would like a color portrait, while 20% would prefer some sort of art supplies as a prize. I decided to keep this contest flexible, and let the winner choose their prize. Basically, if the winner wants a portrait drawn, I’ll let them pick whatever they’d like (within the scope of my ability). If they want some art supplies, we’ll find something that fits with the winner’s preferred medium and ship it via USPS. Or, if the winner just prefers a cash prize, I can send them $20 via PayPal.

These prizes aren’t amazing, but I thought even a small gift was a decent way to express my thanks to people who check out this site. And on the plus side, even though it’s a small jackpot, I doubt many people will enter, so the chances of winning are probably high!

The giveaway will be conducted using Gleam:

  • I picked Gleam because it’s commonly used for giveaways on others sites (like Android Authority, for example).
  • I’ll let it run for 30 days. After that, Gleam will automatically pick the winner at random.
  • To enter, you have to provide Gleam a name and email address. It seems safe, and I haven’t received any spam from them. But, when I’ve entered contests before, I created a junk/throwaway email, Twitter, and Facebook just for that.
  • Once you’re logged into Gleam, to actually enter, you just click the buttons to visit, subscribe, or “like” the page.
  • I was able to get an easy “click to enter” button (the first entry), but there are some other bonuses if you want to up your odds. Each one you do counts as an entry.
  • If you win, we can communicate about your prize however you’re most comfortable. It can be through the Amdall Gallery forums, via email, or just through the comments section here – totally up to you!
  • Shipping something internationally will probably be a bit pricey, so if the winner is outside the U.S., we’ll have to stick with either the portrait/drawing or cash via PayPal options.

Amdall Gallery Subscriber Appreciation

I also considered using Rafflecopter, which I did a test run with…but it didn’t look as nice, and wasn’t quite as user friendly. So, hopefully this works out, and we don’t have any hiccups. As I’ve mentioned, this is the first time I’ve ever done a giveaway, so my fingers are crossed that it runs smoothly.

Thanks again to everyone, and good luck!


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