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Thoughts on Portrait Requests

First and foremost, happy new year to all! It feels like we’re stuck in a bizarre time loop in some respects. I definitely remember thinking last year at this time, “hey maybe this pandemic business will finally settle down next year.” Well, I have the same wish now – hopefully 2022 will finally see COVID become background noise instead of

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Santa Taking a Cookie Break Christmas Eve

I am going to share some art out of order, which isn’t my usual approach. But I thought it would make more sense to jump right to this drawing of Santa since we’re so close to Christmas, even though it skips the line a bit. I had taken somewhat of a break recently from drawing – not really by design,

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New Kids Book ‘Robot Family Adventures’

Apparently, the beginning of April is book publishing time! Last year, I released a book called Pencils and Process. That one took months to write, and was a 150ish page personal account of my experiences returning to art after having been away from it for a decade. This year, my April book release is a kids book called Robot Family

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