Another Sketch with my Oldest, Alternate Title “Tired Dad”

Well, I’m sure it seems like the prevailing theme for all these drawings, but here’s another a did of me with my oldest kiddo. I actually started this one in the same session as the last one I did (her dancing, me flailing about), and I finally finished it yesterday. I think I finished the dancing sketch first because I was more satisfied with how it was going. This one didn’t turn out exactly how I intended.

Here’s the final product:

So, I was aiming for this big kid to look like she’s stifling a laugh, probably laughing at me. While I was supposed to seem like I was responding with a “dad smirk.” You know, sort of a parental version of what she was doing, trying not to crack up at this silly child. But in the drawing, honestly I think I turned out looking just tired rather than a fatherly brand of whimsical. “Look at this exhausted middle-aged man! His daughter appears to be laughing because he’s about to fall asleep.”

Oh well, they don’t always turn out exactly how you might expect or plan. For now, we’ll just re-title this one “Extremely Tired Looking Man and the Daughter Who Laughed at Him.”

I’m planning on doing another sketch with my youngest next, then I might try to diversify my subjects a bit. Wanting to draw these kids is what got me back into this hobby in the first place, so naturally I keep wanting to sketch them. But it’s probably good to practice other things, so I’ll try to think of something.


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