Tiny Art Show Update, Logistics and Another Drawing

This is just a bit of an update to an article from a few days ago. I wrote about my interest in drawing something for the 2nd Annual 5x5x5 Show Miniature Works at the River Oaks Square Arts Center (original article: Contest Drawing – Tiny Art). I finished a 5″ x 5″ drawing of my little ones, which turned out decently; as I wrote in the original post, I struggled a bit with the small size.

With the hypothetical entry complete, I was ready to figure out how to actually submit it. For this art show, the venue is using a handy website called “Call for Entry” (https://www.callforentry.org/). After making an account, you can upload images, videos, or audio to build an online portfolio, then use items from that portfolio to apply for art shows. It’s a cool system, and was glad I could take care of the administrative stuff online.

Unfortunately, I apparently didn’t completely understand the process! There is a field when uploading each item for a price; I really hadn’t even considered that aspect. I was doing this for fun, and I guess the entire point of an art show slipped my mind; these galleries are in it to sell art and make commissions from them (30% in this case). Well, I didn’t put a serious price on my uploads. To make matters worse, I attached samples of drawings I wasn’t going to submit. For some reason, I didn’t realize they wanted you to attach the actual submission pieces to this application/call for entry. After talking with the callforentry.org folks, I ultimately had to contact the gallery to fix it. Problem solved, but I did feel kind dumb. It makes sense though; the image upload and description are how they match the physical art with the electronic application. Duh!

When I spoke to the River Oaks Art Center, they told me to feel free to submit up to four drawings under the same entry fee. I sort of knew that already, but decided to whip up one more since the cost is so minimal. Basic black 8″ x 8″ frames are like $5 at Hobby Lobby right now, and they can cut custom mats for $8 to fit the 5″ x 5″ requirement. All I need to do now is pack them up and get them shipped!

So, here are the final submissions, barring any last minute minor tweaks. I’ll update again if this all works out and they get displayed!






  • I don’t think drawing from photos is ‘cheating’, Jon! Necessity is the mother of invention and you are right, small kids don’t hold still for more than a few seconds. Take lots of photos and learn what makes a great photo to work from – candid shots in awesome light are THE BEST!! ~ BUT (and it has taken me a long time to even really notice this, us modern people are very oblivious to the limitations of our camera phones, for sure!) do be aware of photographic distortion and the fact that the range of colors is more limeted than in real life….and how do you do that? become aware of these things – draw from life as much as you can, it’s hard, really hard, but the benefits are HUGE…..go into your childs room and draw them sleeping, if you have too!! 😉 Keep up the good work! 🙂

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  • Very nice work! I’m convinced drawing from live models is the ultimate artist. I hope to do this when I grow up!☺️

    • Thank you! Yeah I have to admit I did cheat a bit and look at photos…these girls don’t care what their dad says, they don’t want to stand still for more than like 5 seconds

  • Nice Jon! and best of luck with this! Make sure to get your kids to pose for you a lot whilst they are young, because, they are only small and cute for so long, and then, they become sour faced teenages who would sooner eat their own arm than pose for an artistic parent!! at least, THAT is my experience! 🙂

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