Proposal Drawing

20170904_1524092 - Copy

Now that I’ve got my mind on drawing again (here’s my first drawing in years), I realized there is something that I haven’t uploaded to this site anywhere. It’s from way back in 2011, but it’s a meaningful one to me.

This is sort of corny, but I’ll tell the story anyway. When I proposed to my wife, I used a picture I drew of her smiling and wearing a ring. The proposal happened on a normal weekend; I think we had just gotten back to our apartment from eating lunch or something. I had my plan ready to go. Once she went into another room, I brought out this drawing in a frame and set it prominently on the counter. I had the boxed ring in my pocket, and set up a camera to video everything. Once she came back in, I asked her what she thought of this drawing. She was speechless, and the proposal was completely unexpected. Fortunately for me, she even said yes!


Also, since I was digitizing another framed photo already, I went back to the photo of the two of us from the “Process” section of this site. That photo was taken a long time ago, I think using an old iPhone. The image quality isn’t great, so here’s an updated better quality version:




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