Yellow Shirt Guy, March Oil Painting

Going back in time to March 2023, here is an oil painting I did around that time based on when it was shared to the Amdall Gallery Instagram. This post will include a static image of the piece, an embed of the time lapse video, and then some verbiage from when I wrote about the painting on social media at the time. So, keep in mind what’s written here is a bit of a time capsule. Let’s go back then and see what I had to say about this painting…

Yellow Shirt Guy, oil on paper. I ran out of textured oil painting paper, so for a couple of paintings I had to use regular drawing paper. When I first started painting back in October, I sort of thought it was all similar. But now, I realize how far off base I was!

The Strathmore oil paper I use has all of this great texture which mimics canvass, whereas drawing paper is much smoother. The oil paint paper must be coated in something too, because paint applies so much more smoothly. Painting on drawing paper is such a weird sensation – like a dream where you can’t do something no matter how hard you exert yourself. The paint just stops, like the brush is in concrete that just dried. I have to use much more linseed oil than I’m used to.

So, I did this one and one other before I finally got my paper shipment this morning! Relieved to have supplies in more comfortable with again. I do actually like how this painting turned out though. The unyielding surface has one positive – it forces me to add individual sections of color instead of being lazy.

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