Custom Portrait Giveaway

In this poll asking if anyone would be interested in a giveaway if it only involved a custom portrait, four respondents (100%) said yes! So, in a contest that doesn’t involve any cash prize, at least four people might enter – that works for me. That being said, let me welcome you to the second giveaway ever hosted by Amdall Gallery, with a prize of one custom/by-request drawing.

I’ll provide details below the entry, but here are some basics. As with last time, this will be done via Gleam. I liked the way it worked in our first giveaway, so we’ll keep that rolling. The prize will be one drawing done by me of whatever the winner requests. This could be a self portrait, family portrait, video game character, drawing of a potato…that’s up to you. It will be in color, in the style you see on the most recent artwork on the site. Here’s the entry area:

Custom Portrait Giveaway

Basic Rules and Whatnot:

  • I’ll let it run for around 30 days, just like last time. At the end, I click a button and Gleam randomly selects a winner (here’s how).
  • To enter, you have to provide Gleam a name and email address. It seems safe, and I haven’t received any spam from them. But, when I’ve entered contests before, I created a junk/throwaway email, Twitter, and Facebook just for that.
  • Once you’re logged into Gleam, to actually enter, you just click the buttons to visit, subscribe, or “like” the page.
  • I was able to get an easy “click to enter” button (the first entry), but there are some other bonuses if you want to up your odds. Each one you do counts as an entry.
  • If you win, we can communicate about your prize however you’re most comfortable. It can be through the Amdall Gallery forums, via email, or just through the comments section here – totally up to you!
  • The winner gets to pick the subject of the artwork – as I said above, it could be a self-portrait, pet, favorite accountant, etc. There are some exceptions though. I’m not going to draw something I find offensive. Art does reflect on the artist, and there are certain things that I wouldn’t want associated with me or this site.
  • I am at my best drawing people, so you’ll get best results from those requests. I think I can handle animals too. I’m terrible at scenery/buildings/etc, so please don’t request that.
  • No one has ever commissioned me for a drawing, but if they did, they could decline my posting it on the website. This contest is an exception though; I will share the finished product at the end. So, the winner should keep that in mind. If the winner prefers though, I will remove their name and just identify them as “anonymous” in my post sharing the artwork (otherwise, it would have been just First Name, Last Initial…like “Jon A.“)

Let’s see how this one goes! Good luck to everyone who decides to roll the dice!


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