Tribute to Some Good Folks

This week, my grandmother on my mother’s side (we all call her Granny) had heart surgery. Fortunately, everything seems to have gone very well. She’s recovering nicely, and has physically improved quite a bit even after only five days. She’s my only grandparent, and my two little ones’ only great-grandparent. Granny is a really kind person, and much loved by all of us. This week has naturally led me to think of her husband, my grandfather, who we all called “Paw Paw.” He passed away about nine years ago, and was also a greatly loved person who we all miss. My sister and I certainly grew up as urban city dwellers and will remain so, but we came from small town country roots on our mom’s side. Granny is still living on the same land she and Paw Paw did when we were kids, and they have always been friendly, cattle-raising, garden-tending, down-home-cooking folks. I have fond memories of visiting them throughout my life, and feel that Granny and Paw Paw have been great influences.

After my Paw Paw passed away, I did a couple of drawings of him. One of them I never took a photo of, which is framed at Granny’s house. The other drawing is at my mom’s, and I took a photo of it today. I want to draw another of Granny and Paw Paw together, perhaps if I can find an old image of the entire family together, that would be a good one to work from! Or maybe one of just Granny next.




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