Dancing Dad – Drawing from a Video

A couple months ago, we took the family to North Park Mall in Dallas. While we wandered around, we came across a live song-and-dance thing for kids. It was a guy named “David Chicken,” who played guitar, sang, and did fun interactive stuff with the kids in the audience. My oldest daughter absolutely loved it, she danced and cheered pretty much the entire time. Now, I’m an outrageously bad dancer, but when he called for volunteers to come dance during a song, I knew she would love it, so up we went. She danced her little heart out, and I…well, moved my limbs randomly while music played.

We didn’t get any great photos of it, but we did get some hilarious video. I decided to try a quick sketch, to see if I could capture the dance party at all. It was a bit of a challenge working from a video, trying to pause and play short segments to get an idea of how to draw it.

Here are our sweet moves:

If anyone is curious, this is the guy who did the show: http://www.davidchicken.com/. The kids all seemed to enjoy the performance, and his songs were pretty catchy.



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