Saved Side Profile, March Oil Painting

Going back in time to March 2023, here is an oil painting I did around that time based on when it was shared to the Amdall Gallery Instagram. This post will include a static image of the piece, an embed of the time lapse video, and then some verbiage from when I wrote about the painting on social media at the time. So, keep in mind what’s written here is a bit of a time capsule. Let’s go back then and see what I had to say about this painting…

A saved portrait, oil on paper. This is one painting I really thought was going off the rails in early stages. The initial underpainting and outline were good, but as I started filling in details, I really wasn’t liking what was going on. But somehow fortunately it came together in the end and turned into a result I feel good about

This was the last painting before my supply order came in…so it was on smooth drawing paper, which is really unyielding and difficult with oil paints. Glad to report I’m fully restocked with textured oil painting paper again!

(Looking at this from my current perspective, it has really stood the test of time. The painting itself looks pretty good even today. Sometimes, these don’t hold up material-wise or conceptually – this one is still kicking on both counts)

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  • Good to hear it hadn’t degraded, it was a nice one.

    I did a “monster” painting once, way back before getting stuck on doing the cars. It was in a folder for about 6 months and I happened to see it one day and the ink had faded into the paper quite badly.

    It was cheap (and smelly) ink and on photocopier paper so I probably shouldn’t have expected much but considering it wasn’t even out in the daylight I was surprised. Since then I’ve been mindful about the lightfastness and quality of the materials I use, especially if it’s something I might plan on selling. I still use cheap stuff for my own sketching and the posh stuff for anyone else :o)

    • Sorry Steve, I am shamefully behind on the blog! I have such a hard time figuring out how art supply quality will show itself, it’s odd. Some of the extremely cheap paints I bought on Amazon do not hold up well at all, but the lowest student grade of Gamblin and Utrecht have really stood the test of time. Some are like a year old and haven’t faded (to my great surprise)! I guess I just need to stick to brands I’m familiar with eh?

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