Purple Hair Woman, March 2023 Portrait

Going back in time to March 2023, here is an oil painting I did around that time based on when it was shared to the Amdall Gallery Instagram. This post will include a static image of the piece, an embed of the time lapse video, and then some verbiage from when I wrote about the painting on social media at the time. So, keep in mind what’s written here is a bit of a time capsule. Let’s go back then and see what I had to say about this painting…

March 2023: Purple hair portrait, oil on paper. I finally received a fresh batch of art supplies! Including my long awaited strathmore oil paint paper, which I’m incredibly relieved to have. The last couple of paintings were on drawing paper, which feels like having my brush stuck in the mud.

The subject here is actually a hybrid of a couple different references – I’ve still been messing around with AI face generators, which is pretty fun and a nice source of fresh faces to paint. I also saw an article on Maya Hawke from Stranger Things, who I think released some music. I took some inspiration from that photo as well, but I think this portrait probably looks more like the AI people.

(Looking at this from my current perspective, this one still looks pretty solid to me. My current portraits are certainly better technique-wise, but it’s a very solid one that I’m still fond of)

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