Wedding Present for Some Friends

This Christmas, we were excited to attend an additional event beyond the usual family get-togethers. My wife’s close friend for the last two decades was getting married, and she was the Matron of Honor. Also, our oldest got to be the flower girl. My wife and her friend met in high school, and they’ve been like family since. I decided to do a sketch of my wife’s friend, her now husband, and her little one:


I never know how these drawings are going to turn out, especially the most recent ones. There have been a few that turned out well, and then some that were decent sketches of people, but didn’t have high fidelity to their real life subjects. This one actually turned out pretty well, I think! It does seem to look like them, which is a bit of a relief.

To make this one happen, I actually had to do a little social media creeping to find a picture. I don’t think there is any other way I could have pulled off a surprise drawing otherwise. Fortunately, there were some good recent photos to choose from. The “recent” part I think was key, since kids grow and change so quickly.

The wedding was great, and our little flower girl may have had more fun than anyone. She danced her heart out, and I got some great photos. My current phone is a Google Pixel 2, which does something similar to the iPhone’s “live photo” feature. It can automatically record a couple seconds of video along with a photo, which can be shared as a .gif or video using Google’s Motion Stills app. I managed to get a fantastic one of our girl and a couple other kids dancing; they look like they choreographed it!




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