Website Milestone

This is surely not a huge deal for many websites, but from my perspective, this site hit a rather large milestone today. Good ol’ just had its 10,000th hit! For a small-time hobbyist like me, that seems really huge and quite unlikely to have ever happened. So, as a visitor, I have to thank you – yes you, reader! I appreciate you checking the site out (and if you subscribe, follow, comment, or anything else; thanks for that too). It’s sort of funny, I was waiting for this site to flip from 9,999 like someone watching the odometer roll over on a car. I think we even managed to time it so my wife was the 10,000th visitor, although I’m not 100% sure due to visit count delays.

I am also amazed that there have apparently been 1,480 unique visitors to this website. Again, not a big number probably for most sites, but I’m surprised and kind of glad so many people (relatively speaking) have come by to see this collection of graphs, drawings, and nonsense. My articles about art are definitely the most popular, in terms of views, comments, and likes. But, there does seem to be some audience that checks out the data analysis too, which is nice.

MERGE Screenshot_20171005-102151-01 -

Image 1. A cropped screenshot on the left when it hit 10,000, and a few pieces of my admin dashboard this afternoon.

I’m really enjoying creating stuff for this site, so I’m going to keep rolling. Who knows, maybe I’ll hit 20,000 one of these days? For posterity’s sake, I’m also going to paste a screenshot below of how the site looked at 10,000. It’d be nice to come back months (a year? longer?) down the road and see how much it’s changed.


Image 2. This is how looked when it hit 10,000 hits.


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