Travel Alerts

Pretty random compared to the rest of the site, eh?  My sister is going on her honeymoon at some point, so I want to try putting something together she could reference without too much hassle to see what the threat situation is around the globe.  Fortunately, there are some tool available from Department of State and Homeland Security.  DHS’s tool is sort of disappointing, but State’s Travel Warnings and Alerts are quite good.

Click here for DHS’s thing:

And here’s State’s information:

Travel Alerts – According to DOS, these are short term/situational events that you should be aware of when traveling to another country. Examples they give include stuff like worker strikes or protests during an election, a disease outbreak, or elevated risk of terrorist attacks.

Travel Warnings  – These are more long term. DOS says this means you should consider very carefully if you want to make the trip to one of these countries. Examples include unstable governments, civil war, frequent terrorist attacks, sustained high levels of violence, etc.