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Travel Art – Drawing on an Airplane

The question of what to do during a long flight is much easier to answer than it used to be. Our kids have been on planes a few times, and we’ve been fortunate that they handle flights pretty well. Of course, we have to thank the existence of kids’ tablets and the practically unlimited number of apps, games, and shows

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Airline Fleet Totals, Leg Room Analysis Revisited

Happy New Year, all! I’m going to start 2018 by revisiting something I’ve wanted to take another crack at for a while. Four months ago, I wrote a post about carrier/aircraft seat pitch data, inspired by an article about American Airlines ordering new planes with diminished leg room. I found a site called seatguru.com that shares seat pitch (measurement from

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Airline and Airplane Seat Comparisons

Updated research on this topic can be found here: Airline Fleet Totals, Leg Room Analysis Revisited. This more recent article integrates fleet totals for a more complete view of seat pitch distribution across airlines. Research on the topic of airline and airplane seat size comparisons was triggered by an article I read recently. Unfortunately, I can’t remember where the article

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