Back in Time Part 1 – High School Sketches

Post 1 High School HEADER - Copy

I was doing a little website housecleaning, and saw I had uploaded a bunch of old sketches but never made posts about them. They mostly consisted of sketches from when I was in high school and my late teens, before I took a 15 year break (wow, sounds bad when I say it like that) from drawing. The photo image quality on these old sketches was terrible; these were mostly taken ages ago, probably with an ancient iPhone of some sort. I decided to salvage what I could through sharpening and lighting edits, and re-shoot anything that needed it. Then I thought, hey why not do a few posts highlighting these old sketches?

So, here is part one of what I think will be a three part series. This is slightly challenging, mostly because I didn’t write dates or years on anything. I have to go from my memory, and some of this stuff may go back 20 years at this point. This post is going to cover what I believe were drawings from high school. I mostly used a large, hard back sketchbook in those days. I still have the sketchbook, which helped me pinpoint what was from that time frame.

Keep in mind, I was a teenager and it was the 1990s. Hard rock was actually still popular, so you’ll see a lot of influence there. In fact, a few of them are from CD sleeve inserts. Others were either from photos, magazines, or newspapers; it’s hard to imagine, but we didn’t have widespread internet availability then. The rest were live subjects, most of which I think were done during art class. Nowadays, my sketches are focused on specific, real subject groupings. But, back then, it seemed like sketches were just random groups of images and weird stuff.

There were others to choose from, but here’s a sampling:


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