A New Type of Subject – My Sister’s Cat


When we were visiting family Mother’s Day weekend, I was talking to my sister about something related to drawing. I asked her if there was anything she was interested in, and she mentioned her cat Biscuit. She probably wasn’t entirely joking (like with what happened in my Lord of the Rings sketch), but I don’t know if it was exactly a formal request or anything like that. But…as we’ve seen before, I am always hungry for more art ideas, so anything that even sounds like a request becomes a real one!

Biscuit the Cat is a really cool fellow. My sister and her husband have three pets, including one more cat and a German Shepherd puppy. Of all of this crew, Biscuit was the first, and he runs that pack. According to my sister, Biscuit walks around like he bought the place. And he is apparently very smart too; this cat can open doors and figure out things felines aren’t really supposed to. So, this is an impressive subject and I can’t let him down!

Here’s the Mighty Biscuit’s portrait:


Despite the fact that I don’t have much experience drawing animals, this turned out surprisingly well! I wasn’t sure how successfully I could handle fur…I’ve drawn only a couple animals (random pets a decade ago, Oy the Billybumbler), but never in color. I’ve got peoples’ skin down pretty well I think, but that’s smooth and a totally different ballgame. I think I adapted to simulating some furriness well on Biscuit’s head and upper body, but settled for too many solid lines on his legs.

This sketch is based on a photo my sister shared on social media, and in it he was wearing a cowboy hat. I definitely had to capture that! Now, I’m fairly certain he doesn’t always wear one, but I like to believe he does for special occasions. Certainly for his portrait I had to keep it on. The drawing of the hat is just alright; not much detail, but you can tell it’s a hat at least.

So, the animal drawing challenge is mostly a success I think! I wasn’t sure how it would go, but I’m feeling decent enough about it to try another some time.


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