Portrait of an Older Guy Pondering

I’m so incredibly far behind now in sharing paintings, and it seems like there’s not much I can do to address it. I’ve tried batching multiple into one post, and I’ve tried simplifying my posts as well. But it just seems I am vastly more interested in painting than I am blogging. Not really a problem exactly – I am enjoying myself immensely. But I feel bad paying for website hosting that I’m not using much.

Anyhow, to this specific painting. It’s from about 6 months ago, which frankly is an eternity in this context, because I’ve gotten so much practice since then. I just finished painting #105, whereas this one is number 48. Maybe you could call this a bit “meta,” but from what I recall, I was pondering what to do next and came across a photo on Unsplash of a guy pondering his chess moves.

With this one, I kind of left it a bit unfinished. I essentially ran out of time, because I had to head out for dinner. And I’m not really one to return to a painting later – that was true six months ago when I did this painting, and it’s still true now. I have fully settled into alla prima mode, and if I can’t paint wet-on-wet, I am much more likely to just drop the project and move onto something new. I recognize that this sort of impatience probably won’t work long term as an artist though, because the necessary leap in quality if I ever want to actually sell anything will probably come from those details that get worked through in additional painting sessions.

I’ve also got a couple of YouTube videos embedded below. One is from my “Painting to Music” playlist, this one featuring the Johann Pachelbel’s Canon in D Major. And the second video is a YouTube Shorts time lapse, which is probably the exact same one I shared via Instagram (embedded at the top).

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