New Years 2023 Portrait Painting Giveaway

My last custom portrait giveaway was several months ago, but a lot has changed for me in the art realm since then. With previous giveaways, these portraits have all been done using colored pencils. But a couple of months ago, I started trying to learn how to use oil paints. It’s been quite an invigorating experience, so I thought I’d celebrate with another custom portrait giveaway! This time though, I’m focused completely on head-and-shoulders portraits using oil paints. The winner gets to pick who the subject of the portrait is, and naturally send me references they like. But this is all about people, since that’s where I’m trying to practice my technique.

Another change for this sweepstakes is that, rather than providing a wide range of social media accounts to enter from (like Facebook, Twitter, email, etc.), I’m going to focus this one completely around YouTube. Along with my newfound interest in painting, I’m also trying to grow the YouTube channel. In fact, lately my most recent work hasn’t even made it to my website yet! But much of it is available in video form. I’m not sure why oil painting and YouTube videos have both become the center of my attention at the same time, but it certainly helps provide a theme for this giveaway!

I’ve had some good experiences with these sweepstakes, with winners who really liked their portraits. That positive feedback has naturally made me want to host more of them. I hosted two in 2020, one in 2021, and one other in 2022 – so I think it’s prime time for another! The summer 2022 giveaway winner has not yet decided on their portrait subject, and I believe they may give the prize to a family member. As I’ve mentioned in previous giveaways, these prizes don’t expire, so it’s okay to take your time. And I also have no problem with giving it to someone else, if that’s what the winner prefers.

New Years 2023 Portrait Painting Giveaway

If you participated in previous giveaways, this work basically the same way. Once again, the contest itself is hosted via Gleam. The prize will be one custom piece of artwork done by me of a person the winner requests. If you’re curious about the artwork style, I’ve included some recent oil paintings in the gallery on the right. You can also see more drawing examples on this site’s home page. You can enter by subscribing via YouTube, and I’ll verify the entries via the name you subscribe under. Gleam has expanded the Terms and Conditions section. Now, in addition to my written “rules” (also provided below), Gleam has their own lengthy section. It covers a lot of the same ground, but in much greater detail, and with a link to Amdall Gallery’s Privacy Policy. Here’s the entry form, and I’ve included details on the rules below:

Basic rules, disclaimers, etc:

  • I’ll let the giveaway run for about a month. At the end, I’ll click a button and Gleam randomly selects a winner (here’s how).
  • To enter, you have to provide Gleam a name and email address. Whenever I’ve entered contests, I used a junk/throwaway email, Twitter, and Facebook just for that. I never receive spam from Gleam, but use your own discretion regarding real email/social media versus accounts used just for contests. Just know that whatever email you provide is how I contact you if you win.
  • Once you’re logged into Gleam, to actually enter, you just click the buttons to subscribe to the channel.
  • There is a bonus entry if you hit all three entry methods. Should be pretty easy, because this is basically all about the YouTube channel.
  • If you win, we can communicate about your prize however you’re most comfortable. It can be through the comments section here, via email, social media – totally up to you! My initial message to you will be via email. This is my 10th giveaway and I haven’t had issues getting in touch with anyone yet.
  • The winner gets to pick the subject of the artwork – as I said above, this is going to be all about head-and-shoulder portraits, but you can make the subject be whoever you want. There are some exceptions though. I’m not going to draw something I find offensive. Art does reflect on the artist, and there are certain things that I wouldn’t want associated with me or this site.
  • I will share the finished product at the end, both on this site and on a few social media platforms (YouTube, Twitter, Facebook primarily). So, the winner should keep that in mind. By default, I do not share people’s names on this site (aside from public figures, celebrities, etc.). The Gleam widget does render the winner’s name in a semi-concealed way though by default, like “Jon A.” If that’s a problem for the winner, and they want complete name anonymity, there is an option for it too.
  • I will also eventually write another book, and may want to include this portrait. So, that is a commercial use of this art derived from whatever photo I base this on. We’ll talk more about that if you win though. Basically, a conversation of who took the photo and can you convey the right to use the image. Obviously I wouldn’t be able to publish the painting in a book if the winner wants fan art or a painting of a celebrity.
  • I’ll send a digital version via email when it’s done, then mail the physical copy to you. I ship the portraits wrapped in plastic and covered on both sides with cardboard. I typically use USPS Priority Mail with tracking.

Good luck to everyone who decides to give this a shot!

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